Wine… What an exciting, lively subject, typical of French culture!

Clichés often represent French with a beret, a baguette and a glass of wine. Well, that’s not entirely wrong (a little for the beret though…)! Bread and wine are what make France famous, and make the happiness of its inhabitants!

Wine in France

Recognized as a heritage of French culture, wine is a true art of living and even a pretext for regional visits, as is shown by the many tourist wine routes that we can find in France. Moreover, according to an Ifop study , 88% of French people buy wine to accompany a meal, and 73% regularly talk about wine with their friends and family (compared to 43% for football!). Synonym for sharing wine is often present on tables during meals with family or friends. It brings well-being, conviviality and reinforces the feeling of authenticity. Because yes French are proud of their wine heritage! Present in everyday life, wine is even recommended, in moderation, to reduce cardiovascular risks and bad cholesterol. The time when French will no longer drink wine is far away!

To shine at evenings

If you like to discover new nectars or if you just want to impress your friends during a dinner, here is a little guide to properly taste a glass of white or red wine or rosé. Do not rush to taste it! Look instead and appreciate the colour, in of the wine, in order to detect its concentration. For white wine, a robe with green tints indicates a young wine, with silver tints a wine of one to two years, gold tints are for wines of two to three years then bronze for older wines. For red, the trick is to tilt your glass in front of a white sheet. The reflections change from a cherry or raspberry tint to a shade of tiles-red. Now it’s time for the noses because it’s a two-step process. Smell the wine without moving your glass. If you feel almost nothing, that’s a good sign! This gesture allows to detect the parasitic smells such as a corky taste. Aerate your nectar (by stirring it slightly therefore): you will notice that the aromas are much more present! It’s up to you to guess what your wine is made of. Finally, here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the tasting! It is divided into three stages:
  • The attack :
Drink a small sip with a tiny amount of air, and enjoy for a few seconds the aromas that reveal themselves. Depending on how you feel the attack can be aggressive, rustic, elegant, round or even soft.
  • The middle palate :
Here we study the way in which the wine evolves in the mouth, its length. We discover more about tannins, acidity and aromas.
  • The finish :
This last step is simply the last impression you have before swallowing (or spitting out) your wine.

Wine tasting near Camping La Yole

Did you like that little class? So it’s time to put it into practice!Did you know that? Before being a campsite, Domaine La Yole was exclusively a wine producer since 1771. Only a few metres from the campsite, discover the Caveau Winery, holder of a know-how that is no longer to be proven, you will discover a wide choice to accompany your meals White, red, rosé or muscat, you will necessarily find a wine that suits your desires and your budget. Because tasting quality wine won’t make big differences in your holiday expenses since the wines offered at the Caveau Winery and the P’tite Cave are very affordable! Your meals will be even more delicious!