Holidays with your four-legged best friend are often synonymous with a lot of research on dog friendly campsite ! And it’s very often difficult to find! You love your dog and you want to share your holidays with him, it’s quite normal! At Domaine La Yole know that we welcome your hairy dog with open paws! It is out of the question to leave him at home, he has the right to enjoy the holidays too !

 Your arrival at Domaine La Yole with your dog:

Please note that your doggie must be kept on a leash throughout the campsite and cannot be left alone in a mobile home. If you are a Cani-cross enthusiast you can take your lanyard and harness, you will enjoy running with your dog in the beautiful paths of the campsite! As for the restaurant, dogs are accepted but only outside, which is good, they love to lounge in the sun! Do not hesitate to ask for water for them, our servers will be happy to serve them! Dogs are allowed in all tent, caravan and motorhome pitches, with supplements ranging from 3 euros to 6 euros. Dogs are only allowed in certain mobile homes. The supplement for your dog is 6 euros/night. We are sincerely sorry to inform you that dogs of 1st and 2nd category are not accepted. In order to keep the campsite’s alleys as clean as possible, we provide you with dog areas spread out all over the place so that your dog can do his business.

What about the south of France? Pretty much dog friendly or not ?

The beaches that accept dogs are for you, Cani-hiking in the wonderful spots of Provence, 100% Dog friendly sports and even cultural visits! No need to pull out your hair to entertain yourself WITH your dog. For beaches accepting dogs not far from the campsite you can go to the Port of Vendres side but also to the West beach of Portiragnes, at only 20 minutes from Domaine La Yole. You will find cani-bag distributors on site, otherwise, the tourist offices will be happy to give you some.

As for activity : Some good tips about dog friendly !

You can visit the Abbey of Fontfroide in complete peace of mind! During this time it is possible to leave your dog in a kennel specially provided for them there. (Free) don’t forget to bring your cushion! You can’t leave without discovering a typical provincial specialty: Olives! For that, let’s go to the Moulin du Mont Ramus, dogs are accepted there! You can discover the olive trees near the mill and learn more about the work of the farmers and the production of olive oil. Your dogs can also take themselves for IndianaDog in the Clamouse caves which accepts dogs or Dog Sparrow at the Canoe Grandeur Nature of Roquebrun! Do you like the Paddle? You’re going to love the Cani-paddle! Perfect to enjoy a beautiful hike on the water accompanied by the midday sun and sail quietly on the Orb at SMILE KAYAK! If you plan to have fun in amusement parks, dogs are accepted in Dinopark and Europark. They must be kept on a leash. If your dog is a hiking enthusiast, we recommend the Heric gorges in the Caroux massif or the Gouffre de l’œil doux in the Aude at two paws of the Hérault !

Our prevention for doggies

Before going to the South of France with your dog, consider using anti parasitic drugs for phlebotomies’ bites (a disease transmitted by ticks) and a vaccine against leishmaniosis (a disease transmitted by a midge bite). Global warming is favorable to the spread of its parasites! Also be careful when walking in the countryside, ticks often lodge in tall grass, bushes, brush or hedges that border gardens! We look forward meeting you and your four-legged friend!