Le Domaine de la Yole




Is it possible to book a rental property or pitch for 6 people and to pitch a small tent for a seventh person ?

No, it is strictly forbidden. You can either book two rental properties or two pitches, or you can book a mobile home for 6 and a pitch for the last person.

What is the minimum number of nights accepted for a booking ?

For a camping pitch : April, May, June and September: minimum of 2 nights, arrival and departure on any day. July and August : minimum stay 7 nights, arrival and departure on any day.
For arrivals without reservation : no minimum stay (for holidays in July and August, reservation is strongly advised)

For a rental property :
April, May, June and September: minimum stay 2 nights, arrival and departure on any day
July and August: reservations for 7 day periods, from Wednesday to Wednesday, Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday.

How do I know if there are availabilities ?

You can go through the booking process on our website to see what offers are available for the dates you wish to travel.
How do I make a booking ? Click on the “I reserve” on our website. If you are not online, you can ring our bookings service and ask for a contract to be sent by post: +33 467 373 387.

What are the terms and conditions for booking?

Full list of rules and regulations displayed at reception. Our security guards are here to watch out for you and to ensure that the rules and regulations are respected. Your peace of mind and the success of your holiday depend on you respecting these few rules.

  • ELECTRICITY : Your electric installations must be equipped with an earth wire. Any installations which do not meet these norms will be unplugged. Electrical usage is strictly limited to lighting, TV and refrigerator (electric barbecues are not allowed). (5A / 1200W)
  • FIRE : Bonfires or open fires are strictly forbidden. A 5 litre reservoir of water must be kept next to each barbecue. If this rule is not respected, the barbecue will be removed. Barbecues must be kept at a distance from any greenery, bushes or trees, even when unlit.
  • ANIMALS : Animals must be on a lead at all times and fully up to date with their vaccines. Owners must have their vaccination history and must be up to date with current laws. First and second category dogs (attack dogs, including Pitbulls and pitbull types, Mastiffs, Tosas, Rottweilers and Rottweiler types) are forbidden onsite.
  • DRIVING : The sticker given to you at reception must be displayed on the bottom right side of your windscreen. You must follow the signposts indicating where you can drive and park, and follow the guard’s instructions. Driving on the campsite is not allowed between midnight at 7.00 am (when the main gate is locked). It is strictly forbidden to park on or next to the roads.
  • DAMAGE : Any damage made to shrubs and plants, fences, waterways, pipes and communal areas will be paid for by the offender. Campers must clean up their pitch before leaving. For your peace of mind, we have a no-noise rule for the pitches. The cleanliness of the site depends on each one of you. We ask you to respect the rules and help us to keep them respected. Glass and plastic bins are at your disposal around the campsite (see: “Point tri” – recycling areas).
  • WATER PARK : The swimming pool rules and regulations are displayed at the entrance. The rules have been established for your safety and we thank you for obeying them. Anyone who does not follow the safety rules in force for swimming pools in France will be banned from the pool for the length of their stay, without any compensation. Baggy bathing shorts are not allowed.
  • ENTRY CHECKS FOR POOL AND FOOTPATH TO BEACH : All our clients receive a bracelet on arrival (except for the under 5s). It must be worn at all times. The bracelet must be worn around the wrist and be adjusted to fit. Children are under the responsibility of their parents. Everybody onsite must have checked-in at reception. Management reserves the right to prohibit access to the campsite to anyone who has not checked in. La Direction se réserve le droit d’interdire l’accès au camping aux personnes non inscrites.
  • INSTRUCTIONS IN CASE OF FIRE, FLOODING… When you hear the alarm, you must stay on your pitch or in your mobile home, or to return to your pitch or mobile home as quickly and calmly as possible. A vehicle with flashing lights and a loud speaker will give you the instructions to follow. This is an emergency vehicle and you must not block its passage. Fire drill plans are displayed on the signpost in front of reception and outside each toilet block. You will find all emergency numbers at the security office or on La Yole Mag.
What payment methods are accepted ?

You can pay your advance payment by credit card,or bank transfer. When you settle your bill onsite you can pay by bank cards, or cash.

Do you accept travellers’ cheques ?

No, you can only pay by credit card or bank transfer or cash.

When do we have to settle the bill ?

Your bill must be paid in its entirety 30 days before your arrival at the latest.

What is eco-participation ?

Our business is subject to taxes on the extraction of natural resources (clean water) and the reprocessing of waste (waste water disposal, household waste, bulky recyclable waste, etc.). This is a compensation that we must pay, and it acts to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Where are the mobile homes ?

The mobile homes are installed in different places around the campsite. Attribution: Rentals are attributed without any preferences, in order of booking and depending on availability. However, although we cannot guarantee your preferences, we will our best try to take them into account. For any specific request that we are able to satisfy, there will be a €15 charge. You will be given the number of your mobile home and its sector on arrival at the campsite.

How many people are permitted per rental ?

Different rentals are suitable for different numbers of people depending on the models: we have mobile homes suitable for 2 to 8 people (children and babies included). Only one family is permitted per rental (groups of several families are not allowed).

Are the kitchens in the mobile homes equipped ?

Yes :
– There are gas hobs in mobile homes and electric hobs in our MERLOT range (if you run out of gas, ask at reception or at the info point and our maintenance team will change the canister).
– A microwave oven
– A fridge
– Kitchenware for the number of people allowed in the property
– Some rentals have a dishwasher (3 and 4 pine trees and Premium range)

Are sheets and duvets/blankets provided ?

Rentals are equipped with duvets/blankets and pillows. For our Merlot Luxe, Merlot Privilège+ and le Petit Grain ranges, sheets are provided. For the other properties, sheets are not included but they can be rented onsite at our Club Location.

Do the rentals have TV ?

Some rentals have a TV : Alicante, Sauvignon, Carignan, Merlot Privilège+ and Merlot Luxe ranges all include a television. The other rental properties do not include a television. There is no TV rental service onsite as rentals without a TV do not have an antennae, but the campsite invites you to come to the bar to watch all the important events.

Can I rent a cot or a high-chair ?

Yes, you can rent a cot and a high chair at our Club Location.

Is cleaning included in the rental price ?

No, you must clean your rental before checking out. Check-out is handled at reception, between 8:00 am and 10:00 am on departure day. If you wish to pay a cleaning fee, it will cost you €85. If you have not booked this service and your rental is not clean at the end of your stay, you will be billed €100. The cleaning fee is included in the Merlot Privilège+ and Merlot Luxe ranges.

What kind of barbecues are allowed ?

Only electric barbecues or planchas are allowed.

Are there any areas reserved for campers ?

The “cassis” and “framboise” sector are entirely dedicated to campers and the “Anis” area to 80%. Each of these sectors has a sanitary building.
Attribution: Pitches are attributed without discrimination, in the order of booking , and depending on availability.However, although we cannot guarantee your preferences, we will try to take them into account.For any specific request that we are able to satisfy, there will be a €15 charge.
Numbers and sectors are communicated only on the day of your arrival.

How many people can camp on a pitch ?

Camping pitches are for a maximum of 6 people (including children and babies).
What connections does the pitch have ?
All pitches have 3 connections :
Standard, Confort et Confort+ pitches: drinking water, electricity 5A / 1200 W – French or European sockets), and waste water disposal -80m².
Premium (100m²) and Premium Club (200m²) pitches: drinking water, electricity 10 A, waste water disposal, independent toilet and private parking space.
Adapters : Most of our electrical sockets are for French plugs, with some European ones. We can lend you an adapter at reception (€15 deposit).

Is it possible to empty toilets on the pitch ?

No, the individual waste water outlet will allow you to empty your dishwashing water, but not your toilets. There is a service area which will allow you to do this onsite. Tokens are available at reception; 1 token will be given per camping car per week.

Are the pitches in the shade ?

Most of our pitches are in the shade, but this can vary depending on the time of day. Trees in some zones may have been pruned and some zones have less shade than others.

Are water and electricity included in the price ?

Water, waste water disposal and electricity (5A or 10A) are all included in the price of your pitch.

How is vehicle parking managed ?

You are allowed one vehicle only at your pitch or rental. The main car must be parked at your pitch. Extra cars must be parked in the carpark (paid parking depending on the period). Any car parked on the road will be billed as an extra car, and the vehicle must be moved to the carpark. Cars can access the campsite until 11:30pm. After this time, you must park your car in the carpark at the entrance to the campsite (depending on availability).

How big is the campsite ?

The campsite stretches over 61 acre. It is divided into 10 sectors.

What kind of services can I find on the campsite ?
  • Rental services : We rent : « baby kit » (high chair, cot and bath), « hotel kit » (sheets, towels and bath mat), bikes (children/adult), fridges, adapters, sockets are for French plugs. Adapters can be borrowed from reception (€15 deposit). Some sockets will also accept European plugs.
  • Information service : « Conciergerie » : Tourist information : A doctor comes onsite twice a day during July and August (appointments made at the Information point)
  • Wi-Fi : The campsite offers a paid service for internet access. Pay for a Wifi connection for your laptop or mobile phone (1 hour; 1 day; 7 days; 14 days or 1 month). Desktop computers are available for use at reception (maximum 1 hour). Free connections are available around the bar at certain times of the day.
  • Recharging point for your electric car : There is a recharging point for electric cars onsite. Information available at reception.
Do you have wifi ?

We have a pay-to-use wifi service. There are several offers available: 60 minutes, 1 day, 7 days, 14 days, 1 month and 3 months. You receive one code per device. The wifi connection is intended for normal internet usage (emails and general web searches, and excludes videos, video games and online TV).

Is the campsite accessible for people with disabilities ?

Pitches with easy access are available for people with disabilities. Ask for an access map at reception.
Wheelchair users have access to disabled toilets.
We also have 2 mobile homes that are adapted for people with disabilities.

What kind of shops are there in the campsite ?
  • A bar with terrace
  • A poolside bar
  • A restaurant onsite (different set menus, fish and seafood…): Le Comptoir des Saveurs
  • A food court and rotisserie with take away dishes
  • A farm restaurant
  • A Spa
  • A hairdresser
  • A boutique with clothes, souvenirs, beach articles/newsagents
  • A bakery : L’Epi Méditerranéen (different types of bread and in-house specialities)
  • A wine shop, La Petite Cave: sells wine from Domaine La Yole’s vineyards
  • A supermarket with a traditional butchers and fresh fruit and vegetables
  • A fishmongers
  • Conciergerie, which is our Information point, where you can buy campsite souvenirs
  • A laundrette (washing machines and tumble driers)
What activities are on offer at the campsite ?

There are different activities every day: aqua-gym, sporting activities, archery, fencing, Adventure Park, sundance, play parks, kids’ activities (5-12 years old, limited places) and teens’ club (July and August).
We also offer evening activities: a mini disco for kids, themed evenings, shows, bars.

What are the sports facilities at the campsite ?

We have a water park, a multi-sports pitch, a beach volleyball pitch, a boules ground and a tennis court. Tennis court: pay for access in July and August (€3/hour; €2/half-hour, bookings at the Club Location). May, June and September: free access (keys available from the Club Location). We also have an outdoor fitness park.

What are the activities for adults ?
  • Aqua-gym (gym session in the pool)
  • Muscle work-out and gym session (abs, butt and thighs)
  • Sports tournaments (pentaque, football, basketball, volleyball etc.)
  • Dance lessons
  • Themed evenings
  • Evening shows
  • Water park
  • Adventure park
  • Archery, fencing
  • Sun dances
Quelles sont les animations proposées au camping ?

Il y a des animations de jour : réveil aquatique, activités sportives, tir à l’arc, escrime, parc aventure, danses du soleil, aires de jeux, animations enfants (5 à 12 ans, places limitées) et club pour les ados (en juillet/août).
Ainsi que des animations en soirée : mini disco pour les enfants, soirées thématiques, soirées spectacles, bar.

Is the water park heated ?

Heated areas (weather dependant):
Slides : accessible for children over 1.30m (or accompanied by an adult).
A kids’ lagoon with water games: 30cm deep.
Pool 2: 10 x 20 m, depth 1.60 m
Covered pool: 10 x 20 m, 110 x 20 m, depth 1.90 m
Unheated area :
Whirlpool: 0.9m

What are the Water Park’s opening hours ?

The Water Park has the same opening/closing hours as the rest of the campsite :
April, May, June, September: 10:00am – 6:00pm
July and August: 9:00am – 8:00pm
(Subject to change)

Do I have to wear my bracelet ?

You must wear your bracelet, which will allow you, amongst other things, to access the Water Park, and to participate in the water games and the Sun Dances !
The Sun Dances are an unmissable event every afternoon in the Water Park !

Are bathing shorts allowed ?

No, baggy bathing shorts are not allowed in the Water Park; only Speedo-style trunks/tight shorts are allowed.

Are waterslides regulated ?

Yes, our tallest slide of 9.50m is not allowed for children under 8 years old unaccompanied by an adult. Our average slide is not allowed for children under 10 years old who are not accompanied by an adult. The other slides are freely accessible. However, children remain under the responsibility of their parents.

Can my children come to the campsite alone ?

Your children can come without you, as long as they are accompanied by responsible adults. When the reservation is made, a parental authorisation form must be provided and be signed by both parents, along with photocopies of the identity cards/passports of the parents.

What are the children’s activities ?

Our team leaders offer activities for 5 to 12 year olds (limited places) :
2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon (except for Saturdays) (Please note that this is not a nanny service and that the activities are not suitable for under 5s)
2 playgrounds at the heart of the campsite (free access)
Lagoon with water games and paddling pool in the water park (free access)
A merry-go-round, a mini-golf and a trampoline (paid access)
Domaine La Yole’s Petting Farm (animals; various activities on offer. Paid access)
Early evening mini-disco for kids, with dances organised dances by the team leaders (free access).

What are the activities for teenagers ?
  • Sports tournaments (football, basketball, volleyball etc.)
  • Teen Club in July/August (activities organised by our team leaders)
  • Sun dances
  • The Game Zone (Games room with video games and other games)
  • Themed parties
  • Evening shows
  • Water park

Over 14s can ask team leaders for a bracelet that gives them access to an area reserved for teenagers: the HQ.

Where is the campsite ?

Domaine La Yole Camping Lodge is on the Avenue de la Méditerranée in the village of Vendres-Plage, postcode 34350. It is at the edge of the village, in the Herault department of France, in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. It is on the Western side of the French Mediterranean coast.

What are the GPS coordinates ?

GPS : E3° 15′ 41,00″ – N 43° 14′ 13,92″

How can I reach the campsite ?

By car :
Motorway A9 (10 km) : Exit 36 Béziers Ouest.
Follow signs to: Valras-Plage Ouest / Vendres Plage Est
Motorway 75 : Exit 64 Béziers
Follow signs to: Valras-Plage Ouest / Vendres Plage Est
You will find us on Avenue de la Méditerranée 34350 Vendres-Plage

Which station is the closest ?

Beziers is the closest train station, 17 km away.

Which airports are the closest ?

The closest airports are Béziers-Cap d’Agde (18 kms) and Montpellier (85 kms)

Is there a shuttle bus between the airport and the campsite ?

No, but we can organise a taxi for you with our partners, who will give you a preferential rate. To take advantage of this, please contact reception no later than 72 hours before your travel date.

How far is the main village of Valras Plage ?

The centre of Valras Plage is 3 km away.
There is a tourist train which goes between the village and the campsites in July and August (paid service).
There is also a bus service (line E: Valras-Béziers) which stops in the centre of Valras all year round.

How far is the campsite from the beach ?

Domaine La Yole Camping Lodge is 500 metres away from a sandy beach on the Mediterranean coast.

What are the opening hours for the campsite reception ?

During the winter, we can take your calls from Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm and on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 1:00pm and 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm from the month of January onwards.
When the campsite is open, from the 20th of April to the 21st of September 2019, we can take your calls every day from 9:00am to 6:30pm (low season) and from 8:00 am to 8:30 pm (high season).

How early can we leave the campsite ?

The campsite gates are locked between 11.30pm and 7.00am.
However, we understand that people sometimes have to leave the campsite during the night. In this case, you must speak with reception in order to settle any formalities and arrange your departure with the security services.

Can I receive visitors onsite ?

Yes, you can invite people to the campsite. Visitors must come to reception with you, and will receive special “visitor” bracelets. Only one family may visit at a time (2 adults + 3 children). However, they will not have access to the campsite’s facilities (swimming pools, tennis courts etc.) and cannot participate in activities. They must leave the campsite by 11.30pm at the latest.

Is there a security service on the campsite ?

The campsite is permanently protected by 24 hour security, carried out by our team of security guards.