Some of you overcame July and August at the office somehow, envying friends or colleagues and their pictures of ice-cream, seaside and outdoor evenings… Well done! Now it’s your turn to have a good time, and certainly not to have that “back to school” spirit that everyone is talking about! September is the ideal month to take a holiday, especially at the campsite!

The Indian summer is very real

If you have decided to go on holiday in September, you have nothing to envy to the ones who take their holidays in July or August ! Know it, in September in the south of France, the days are still beautiful, sunny and with temperatures certainly a little cooler, but very pleasant! The changing colours of nature in transition between summer and autumn alone are a reason to stay at the campsite in September. You will witness the gentle transformation of the landscape, while enjoying the generous climate of late summer. Because if you can’t stand the heat or if you just want to spend a holiday under a bearable mercury, September is for you! Quieter nights and days still warm but not too hot! In addition, the sea water will seem less cold to you! And if it doesn’t, the heated swimming pools in our water park will be perfectly adapted for swimming.

The good deals are right now !

We teach you nothing, financing a camping holiday in September is almost always cheaper. Whether it is for the plane, train or accommodation , fares vary and sometimes fall by half or even more! A huge advantage for your expenses: you will be able to allow yourself more leisure time! Restaurant, adventure park, massage at Spa By La Yole… Nothing better than a session in the Sauna, hammam to find a soft and clean skin after tanning sessions! You will also find 5 outdoor jacuzzis to relax and recharge your batteries. As far as Camping La Yole is concerned, there are many activities and it is even better to be able to enjoy them when you are not likely to exceed the budget!

Book off-season holidays

You had cut off social networks to avoid holiday pictures of those around you, and were trying to hide your pale complexion from staying at work instead of lazing around during the summer? Switch roles! While all your colleagues or relatives have to face the back-to-school season for their children or themselves at work, and are starting to lose their tan, you can now share your moments of idleness, your visits and outdoor meals without scruples. When you return, you will create a sensation with your story, and your tanned and luminous complexion! Book for the last opening days of the campsite, calm and serenity guaranteed!