Going camping with family is great, but it can also be a little bit scary… Your baby is too small ? Your teen does not want to come with you on vacation? DO NOT PANIC ! You have just found the right address for a successful family vacation! In Domaine La Yole we are not only providers of exceptional holidays. We also have valuable tips that are obviously the result of experiences lived for 52 years now! And that is why we are able to tell you: Yes Yes Yes, Family camping is AWE-SOME! We give you the recipe with all the ingredients against the: “Damn it, when are we coming home?!”: First of all, it is important to know that at the campsite, you can sleep : In mobile home and since we think of everything at Domaine La Yole we have, for families with babies, mobile homes specially adapted for newborns ! Yes the campsite does not necessarily mean tent, insect and cold shower. DON’T WORRY !

Fill up on activities : TOGETHER !

There is no age to have fun together ! At the campsite, we offer many activities to share with family: The adventure park to enjoy big thrills, the pool to get down together on the gigantic slides ! There is for everyone’s taste (and for all ages): football, ping-pong, tennis, petanque (boules), tournaments, football table. There are so much activities you can practice together. Why not also take the opportunity to explore new horizons? The Occitania region is full of wonders and visits that will delight the whole clan! A simple hike in nature, an expedition to a zoo, a discovery of culture, legends and traditions will awaken your desire for adventure! By sharing new things with your children, you will strengthen your ties. By strengthening the complicity with them, you will reinforce this sense of belonging to a family… And what better than a family camping to spend holidays in family?

Family camping : a step towards autonomy

Yes, going on a family holiday is also a step towards autonomy! Camping is a real source of socialization and empowerment. It is a place where they will meet many people and why not learn a new language! At the children’s club sports and entertainment activities (magic show, pirate, treasure hunt…) will keep your little monsters busy! For young teens, lying next to their parents at the pool is not really cool. Well, it’s not particularly pleasant. The spectacular water slides and the dance nights at the night bar should convince them! They will meet new friends! What could be better than letting your “grown-up” spend his days with young people of his age? This option allows him to have fun while you, parents, can relax at the SPA! A win-win compromise. And to guarantee them a 100% “Young” atmosphere, go to the QG at La Yole! It’s THE place to be for 13/17 years old! By shaking up all habits, everyone has to adapt, grow up, progress … Camping with the family is also a nice and smooth autonomy … So, are you excited about family vacations?

Things to take along

Being well equipped is the key to a worry-free holiday ! Here’s a list to help you chose what to take along for your getaway. Clothes · Quick drying clothes · Dressing gown · Jumper · Windbreaker jacket · Raincoat · Hiking shoes · Swimming suit or trunks (Bathing shorts are forbidden at Campiste La Yole), etc. Leisure activities · Camera · Books · Sheets of paper · Drawing pencils · Magazines · Board games · Card games · Charger · MP3 reader In case you left something at home, you can always head to our general store ! Camping Equipment and Gear · Inflatable mattress · Tent · Carpets · Rubbish plastic bags · Kitchen roll · Gas camping stove or cooker · Electrical extension cord · Multiplug · Sponges · Dish washing liquid · Matches · Torch lamps · Scissors · Ropes and cords · Pegs, etc. Staying healthy · Sun screen · Personal hygiene products · Toilet paper rolls · Anti-mosquito spray and soothing cream, etc. You’re now ready for a family camping holiday. Share unforgettable moments with your loved ones. For more excitement and thrills, do try our adventure park. At campsite La Yole, you’ll benefit from all the facilities and services a campsite usually offers, but also from our adventure rope park, from our animal farm and from the estate’s sun grown wines with wine tasting and wine tourism activities. There are a lot of destinations out there, so be sure to make a choice that suits you and your family best ! Bonnes Vacances !