Cycle touring from our campsite in Valras Plage

Cycling actually offers a lot of benefits . First of all, cycling is non destructive for the environment and also enables you to reach areas you wouldn’t have been able to reach otherwise. Thus, you could for instance go and observe the “Etang de Vendres’” exceptional fauna and flora, in the immediate vicinity of our campsite with your bike. Moreover, cycling is an activity that can be practised both by adults and children, and can therefore also be enjoyed by families. Why not take your entire family for discovery bike tours or for more adventurous tours on the thousands of hiking and bicycle paths offered by the region’s hinterland ! Cycling enables you to evolve at your own pace, according to your abilities and preferences. It is therefore characterised by a whole diversity of practises ranging from calm and peaceful bike strolls along the Canal du Midi for instance, to adventurous downhill mountain biking in the hinterland. Cycling stimulates your cardiovascular system and increases endurance, with limited impact on your joints. It is recommended to get fit again or to remain fit! Campsite La Yole  is located at the crossroads of European wide bicycle touring routes. Béziers, ( 15kms away from our campsite) and the Canal du Midi are right on Bicycle Touring Route Nr.8, which links Cadiz in Spain with Cyprus in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. Route Nr. 8 also crosses route Nr. 17 by the Rhône River, thus connecting Switzerland, Northern and Eastern Europe to Southern Europe. The Canal du Midi which lies 15 km away, also connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, if you’re intending to cross Europe from North to South or West to East, our ideally situated 5* and comfortable campsite, comprising a campsite  an adventure rope park, is the perfect place for a peaceful rest stop. In addition to that, our campsite is currently supporting a father and his son who have decided to go from our campsite all the way to Romania in 100 days to tighten their father-son bonds ! Whether you’re having a short break on your way to further destinations or whether you’re simply spending holidays at our campsite, the “Hérault” region has created numerous cycling paths since 2002, including over 3100 km of mountain biking or touring paths aimed at discovering our region. These diversified touristic cycling routes are aimed at giving as many people as possible the opportunity to discover the great variety of landscapes our region displays, from bushland, to mountains, to coastal inner lakes, to the Canal du Midi… In the immediate vicinity of the campsite, you will find a whole network of bicycle lanes linking Valras Plage, Serignan Plage and Vendres Plage together. A bit further away, you will find a beautiful cycling lane along the Canal du Midi, taking you from the “Ecluses de Fonseranes” in Béziers to the beautiful “La Mâire “beach in Portiragnes. The great variety of tours and of landscapes really makes it possible for everyone to find something that suits them. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this unique opportunity to get fit again for free, lost in the middle of breath taking landscapes, – while staying at a 5* campsite offering modern comfort standards and services to recover from your adventures ? Last but not least, at Campsite La Yole we offer our customers a wide range of bikes to rent, from junior to teenager or adult bikes, to baby seats and children trailers. Everything has been foreseen for you to enjoy bike strolls with your family and to get fit all together, while doing so! So off to your bikes, tandem bikes, mountain bikes, recumbent bikes…and let’s get going!