France is a country known throughout the world for its gastronomy and its internationally known cuisine and restaurants. At the campsite we take you on our culinary journey with our establishments ready to welcome you.

The culinary visit of the campsite

As we told you earlier, the campsite is fortunate to offer you several establishments to eat. Whether from the restaurant or at the snack bar, the campsite has decided to satisfy everyone’s tastes and desires. Let’s start our little tour with the flavor counter. This restaurant located in the centre of the campsite offers you the opportunity to eat in the dining room or on the terrace according to your desires, the menus are varied and the menu is filled with dishes that are more appetizing than the others. The Food Court is a mandatory stopover during your stay at the campsite. It is a place that offers all kinds of menus and products to satisfy the greatest number of people. From fries and sandwiches to hamburgers… The little extra is that you can place an order, go for a walk and come back for your meal later.

France is particularly known for its gastronomy, but what is it really that gastronomy?

In France, gastronomy is a bit of a table art linked to the pleasure of eating together. Indeed in France, eating is a real pleasure that we like to share with family or friends. France also has a renowned gastronomy thanks to the foods we have that make all the charm of our cuisine such as: truffles, cheese, oysters, frogs’ legs, foie gras… We are also one of the few countries that spends so much time at the table, about 2 hours per meal (when we have time!) without seeing the time pass. Another and last thing that is specific to our traditions and make: a starter, a main course and a dessert. You want our secret? If we take so long it is because we have to get everything into our bellies and for that reason talking and drinking wine are our best allies. So come and enjoy the pleasure of eating and living the French way at our various restaurants and we will be delighted to share our gastronomy with you.