As you may know, global warming is a topic that is on everyone's lips at the moment. For too long we have been ignoring these changes and weakening our planet. June is the perfect month of the year to put all your learnings into practice and opt for responsible tourism.

A world day for responsible tourism

n the face of these brutal changes, the United Nations Environment Programme has decided to celebrate World Responsible Tourism Day. This day is about encouraging travellers to respect the planet and its inhabitants, regardless of the destination. Today, June 2nd, is World Tourism Day and you too can take part by caring for the environment and local people during your holiday.

The responsible tourism guide

A simple way to limit pollution is to ride your bike when visiting the campsite. You'll also have time to admire the view, do some sport, share and preserve the planet a little more. A good way to go green and take the responsible tourism step! Responsible Tourism Day comes before two other so-called "green" world days that you will discover throughout the week. During the Responsible Tourism Day, many workshops are held in France to raise awareness among holidaymakers so that they can do the right thing for the environment. There are many ways to be a responsible tourist, such as not throwing cigarette butts on the ground but using boxes that you don't use anymore to make an ashtray. Or filling the same plastic water bottle several times to limit pollution in the world. Or use solar showers, organic soaps or natural cleaning products to avoid polluting the water or the ground at your favourite campsite or even at home. Recently, many gatherings have taken place with the aim of cleaning up the ground, i.e. cleaning the beaches and collecting the rubbish left by some holidaymakers or cleaning the ground in the mountains. This activity is a good way to help our planet but also to raise awareness of global warming and their future behaviour. So why not take the plunge and do something for our planet with your family or friends? And thus participate in the preservation of our precious Earth.