In the heart of the Orange Zone, you will find the cocoon of happiness, the sanctuary of peace, the kingdom of silence, the palace of well-being… IN A WORD, a place of wellness, pleasure and relaxation. A place you all dreamed of for your holidays, a space entirely dedicated to the beauty of the body and well-being!

Sensitive to human, our team is committed to providing listening, advice, an exemplary quality of welcome and kindness. Everything is designed to make your holiday more enjoyable!

Take advantage of the benefits of the spa to relieve the stress of winter and restore flexibility to your body. Hammams, Jacuzzis, sunbathing, private beach… Discover a place 100% Zen and 100% designed for adults.


Come and discover our beauty salon and turn your holiday into a relaxing and unforgettable one! Massages, treatments and scrubs… We love taking care of you at Domaine La Yole!

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The Spa

Are you a fan of massage and hydrotherapy treatments? Don’t lose this habit during your vacation!

To ensure that your stay is truly synonymous with relaxation, Camping La Yole offers you a space entirely dedicated to the beauty of the body and well-being: The spa!

For 2019, in addition to the usual services, you can enjoy the multiple Jacuzzis and a Hammams! You dreamt of it, now you have the possibility to relax with hydrotherapy in the campsite!


On the Vapor side:

It seems that the Egyptians already used it in 2000 BC… And for good reason! The spa is known to stimulate blood circulation, relieve tension and cleanse the skin. It is also beneficial to facilitate digestion and eliminate toxins.

If you have muscle or joint pain, a spa session will relieve you for several days, in order to fully enjoy your vacation!


Hammam, sauna: what are the differences?


The sauna: a dry bath

The sauna is of Finnish origin. The light is very dimmed, volcanic stones are heated in a frying pan and water is poured in from time to time to increase the heat. The atmosphere in the sauna is very dry and very hot, reaching nearly 90°C (194 °F). Your body sweats as if you had made an intensive effort. The blood vessels in your body dilate, the blood circulation intensifies and contributes to the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.


The hammam: A wet bath

The hammam is an oriental beauty ritual. It is a steam bath immersed in a thick fog containing 90% to 100% humidity. The hammam frees the sinuses and nasal passages and facilitates breathing, soothes muscle pain, eliminates tension and allows immediate relaxation!

In both cases, these heat baths are accompanied by cool baths to activate blood circulation and provide real relaxation.


On the Bubbles side:

On the Bubbles side, it’s going to burst this summer! Bubbles here, bubbles there, large, small, medium, there will be something for everyone with the arrival of our 5 new Jacuzzis including one XXL in sight!

You will appreciate the massaging and relaxing effect of pressurized water on the whole body! The Jacuzzi is a great way to eliminate muscle tension!

Other top-of-the-range services are at your disposal, such as the private beach! Imagine yourself lying on your sunbathing, reading with a straw hat on your head, talking with your deckchair neighbor or just feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin… HEAVEN


Appointment at +336  35 49 54 71

Spa opening times :


Low season  (05/05 to 07/06 – 08/31 au 09/20 )

Closed on Saturdays

Morning : 10:00 – 12:30 : 9€

Afternoon :  15:00 – 18:30 : 15€


High season 

Morning : 10.00AM –  12.30 : 15€

Afternoon : 02:30 PM – 7:00 PM : 25€



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