Our natural environment being exceptional, Camping La Yole has taken steps to preserve it on a daily basis.

Waste management

Camping La Yole has started sorting more than 10 years ago. The campsite offers its customers many recycling collection points, scattered all around the site.

Energy management

– Solar panels have started being installed on the roofs of our sanitary blocks (multi-year project). The “Lavande” sanitary block is the first one to be equipped.

– Energy saving bulbs are used in all accommodations as well as for public lighting.

– The technical service personnel and the gardeners only use electric vehicles.

We have 24 electric buggies and 1 electric truck.

Water resource management

All our taps are all equipped with faucet aerators, and we use a drop-by-drop watering system for our plants and flowers so as to protect nature and the environment.

 The environment respect

– The Kid’s club uses second hand materials for its activities.

– The site uses recycled paper for its official documents whenever possible.

– In the framework of a long-term sustainability project, the campsite maintains and fosters biodiversity by planting diverse tree and plant species to help maintain the area’s flora and fauna  balanced, …and also to improve the campsite’s carbon footprint.

– Decorations are printed on environmentally friendly canvas (PVC-free, formaldehyde-free and environmentally friendly water-based  inks).

It is by reducing energy consumption (gas, electricity), water consumption and waste production that we will succeed in protecting our planet all together.

Those type of policies are absolutely necessary to secure our future generations’ right to be able to benefit from the planet’s natural resources, just like we have.