A campsite by the Mediterranean Sea


Water, air, Iodine : what an energising mixture !

“Oxygen  relaxes our minds, wave spray soothes our hearts, waves rock us back and forth or massage our bodies…. The sea offers us a genuine thalassotherapy treatment”. It must be experienced to the fullest. Agnès Rogelet (psychologist)


What better than to be lying on hot sand while staring at the blue horizon lines of the sea and the sky dancing together. This year, Valras-plage has once more been awarded the so-called “ Pavillon Bleu” certification which guarantees outstanding water quality.

Whether you are active or rather chilled out, marine air can only be good for you!

There is nothing better than swimming a few lengths in the sea, followed by a beach volley or a beach tennis game to suit an athletic person!

The beach is also perfect for those who would rather read a good book, or fill in crosswords, and forget about everything else!

Accessible by a pedestrian path, the beach is 500 meters from the campsite’s beach exit (between the Lavande and Menthe areas)

playing children

Children at the beach

Your children will be grateful for taking them along to the beach : no matter how old they are, sandy beaches offer them a whole range of sensations,… from their first steps in the tickling sand beneath their toes, to building sand castles with the entire family including parents and grand-parents, to making new friends and playing beach tennis with them or fooling around with them in the sea with inflatable rings or mattresses…

You’re never too young or too old to enjoy the beach!

What are you waiting for? The Mediterranean Sea is waiting for you!

Most importantly one should never forget to drink and to wear sunscreen. Contrary to popular belief, dehydration is not due to salt but to sun exposure, especially when not drinking enough water.


Did you know that…?

The Mediterranean Sea : Semantic origins

The name “Mediterranean” derives from the Latin word “mediterraneus”, meaning  “in the middle of land”.

The Mediterranean Sea has had numerous names throughout History :

It was thus sometimes referred to as the “ Big Green”  by Ancient Egyptians. It was called “Mare nostrum” (our sea) or “Mare internum” (inner sea) under the Roman Empire. ”  On the West side of the Holy Land, it was known as “Mer Hinder”, which was sometimes translated into “West Sea” or “Sea of the Philistines”, as most of the coasts around Palestine actually were inhabited by the Philistines.

( Wikipédia)

The health benefits of the sea

According to Dominique Hoareau, a doctor specialised in marine therapies and stress management, the sound of crashing waves reinforces the local climate’s positive effects. “Anions that are freed when waves crash, contribute to decreased heart and breathing rates in most people. Those who, on the contrary, experience anxiety and trouble sleeping will adapt in one to three days”.

The Mediterranean Sea has sedative properties. Sunshine is linked to relaxation in overworked individuals and helps your body synthetize Vitamin D, which is needed for fixing calcium. It’s the perfect climate for those suffering from muscle and joint pain. Wave spray helps the body produce natural antibiotics to combat lung disease. The Mediterranean Sea is ideal for anxious or depressive people, as long as they stay indoors when the northern winds,  – mistral and tramontane – , start blowing.

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