Domaine La Yole is a broad estate, but most of all it is a place you will enjoy staying at, where you’ll be given the opportunity to relax, to try our products, to improve your knowledge both on wines and on Mediterranean gastronomy, to discover farm animals and to work out in a preserved environment.

Our 5-star campinglodge offers you a wide range of quality accomodations within a shaded setting, as well as modern comfort standards and services : a waterpark, various shops, bars and restaurants, entertainment.

Our gastronomic walks will enable you to discover Domaine La Yole’s rural environment and wine estate. At the winery, we will initiate you into wine-tasting, and the secrets surrounding wine flavours shall be revealed to you, for your greatest pleasure.

Within the peaceful setting of Domaine La Yole’s farm, you will have the opportunity to discover a wide range of farm animals with your children. At La Yole’s farm restaurant, fruits and vegetables compose creative and tasteful salads and dishes.


Come and discover an area dedicated to fun and adventure with your family or friends.

Dreaming of adventure happens at any age, and at Domaine La Yole, the adventure takes you from tree to tree.

Just a few steps away from the campsite, our professional team will guide you through several original tree trails within the adventure rope park.

You will hopefully spend unforgettable holidays at Domaine Layole, an estate deeply embedded within wine culture and Mediterranean traditions.

Domaine La Yole’s history started in 1771 when the Domaine La Yole’s wine was known all over the region.

In the 50s, an agronomy engineer, M. Jean Gassier fell in love with the wine estate, and started transforming it fabulously with his own skills.

This agronomy specialist was also a pioneer in the tourism industry. In 1969 he decided to transform part of the estate into a campsite.

That’s how the campsite first opened its doors, in the summer of 1970. It was spread over 5 hectares, hosted 2000 campers, and was already a 4 star campsite, which was the highest ranking possible at the time.

1975 : first extension : Cassis and Orange areas

1986 : first swimming pool

1997 : second extension in the pinewood : 1273 pitches

2000 : At the start of the new century, Pierre Gassier made the decision to start diversifying the agricultural production of the estate and started growing vegetables. This led to the foundation of the farm, shortly afterwards.

2007 : Launching of both the Adventure Rope park and the Farm

2009 : Domaine Layole, Campsite Layole, the Adventure Rope Park and the Farm merged together to form “Domaine La Yole Wine Resort”

2011 : 5th star gained

As you might have understood, Domaine La Yole has been the story of a forward-looking family, committed to customer-satisfaction and driven by the will to please, for over half a century.