Have a trip the time of a meal.


Holidays are made to travel, don’t you ? And when we think about holidays it’s impossible not to think about culinary traditions !

One is more pizza, the other is more tacos, and children are more hamburgers… It’s hard to take a decision when we want to make everyone happy… JUST RELAX ! These endless discussions won’t take place this summer.

There’s no need to make a big deal, at La Yole campsite we split the difference !

We even split it by 5 to be exact. 5 culinary specialties that will delight the whole family and will make you travel the time of a meal.

Let’s go to Mexico dear holiday-makers, put on your most beautiful sombrero, y Bienvenido al Camping La Yole, enjoy these excellent tacos, and as they said there : ¡Buen provecho!

Let’s go to the USA ! Aw… These famous hamburgers… A sandwich like no other ! A true American institution that we find in all street corners in the USA. Enjoy your meal !

Let’s go to China ! Nuddles have a great place in Asian food, and it exists a big variety from a country to another ! Fried in a wok with chicken, Chinese cabbage, celery, vegetables with ginger and soy sauce, there is no shortage of recipes. 胃口好!zhù hao wèi kou.

Now let’s go to Spain with its traditional Paëlla! We rediscover our famous grain which absorbs all the flavours and aromasof all its ingredients. ¡ Que Rico !

What do you think about doing a detour towards Italy ? Iconic meal of Italian culture ? Obviously, it’s Pizza… Dunque, una pizza e buon appetito !


We promise we don’t talk rubbishes !


It will be opened all the season from the 20th of April to the 21st of September