Open all year round, Domaine La Yole Wine Resort’s wine cellar is the right place to learn more about the wine estate’s true identity.

At the winery, you will of course be able to taste our wide range of wines. However, it is also worth taking part in one of the wine tourism activities we offer, such as, fir instance :

Our gastronomic hikes (2-2.30 hours) : after visiting the vineyards,  you will be offered a cocktail- dinner -style tasting with 7 local Mediterranean dishes, served with 7 wines,  –  while being told all about wine history, production, and choices : there are up to 49 different wine flavours. Book quickly, directly through the winery!

Shorter activities and events:

Wine and Cheese tasting : a deli platter (cold meat or cheese) served with a glass of wine.  5 Euros, from 6:00pm – 7.45pm, every day except Friday (May to September).

… or if you would rather wander around the Night Market to discover the huge variety and know-how of local craftsmanship from 6 to 11pm (July and August).

How can we possibly talk about our wine resort without even giving you a short introduction about our wine estate?

Domaine La Yole is a 110 hectare wine estate which has continuously inspired creativity since 1771.

Varieties of soils and grapes :

Domaine La Yole’s vineyards are planted on argilo-calcareous-clay hillsides as well as on sublittoral sands, on which the following grape varieties thrive  :

White wine : Chardonnay, Muscat petits grains, Viognier, sauvignon

Red wine : Grenache,Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault, Alicante Bouschet, Carignan.

What about rosé wine? Your summer’s favourite, which is best served with grilled meat or with appetizers, is made (dripping, pressing) from pure black grape juice  – the very grapes used to make red wine, but without grape skin or seeds.

Domaine de la YOLE - F34

Domaine La Yole, a wine producer

By mastering blending techniques, Domaine La Yole’s oenologists have been able to preserve specific flavours, to blend them together harmoniously , and to create unexpected aromas and mouth-feels. Domaine La Yole’s wines shall undoubtedly surprise you , through their original aromatic palette and their distinctive rural identity. Domaine La Yole has contributed in reviving old grape varieties and in magnifying their specificities so as to create genuine and original pleasure wines.

A healthy vineyard

Domaine La Yole’s vineyards are grown according to sustainable farming principles, which does not mean that we do not treat our vines or grapes. We are currently spraying environmentally friendly treatments against mildew and oidium. The quality of our wine is closely related to the health of our entire vineyard.

A preserved and respected environment

Domaine La Yole is a natural habitat for a wide range of animal and plant species, which family Gassier are keen to preserve in a broader effort to protect the environment.

Young partridges, pheasants, and other wild birds share the same natural habitat as wild rabbits and wild boars, and all of them seem to thrive within this preserved area.

Domaine La Yole Wine Resort is a lot more than a campsite!

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