Bakeries and baguettes practically symbolise France!

At Campsite La Yole, you will find a bakery providing two things that are essential to a holiday by the sea : bread rolls for your home-made sandwiches, and straight-out-of-the-oven croissants for long-lasting breakfasts with your family, where everyone will be eager to discuss what they’ve been doing the day before and what their plans for the present day are.


Did you know that…?

Bread is vital to your overall wellbeing. The complex carbohydrates it contains, constitute a significant source of energy both for muscles and brain.  Eating bread enables better concentration and stimulates cognitive functions.

Moreover, all bread types contain lots of soluble fibres which stimulate bowel function. Wholemeal bread and cereal bread contain lots of fibres but are also particularly rich in vitamins and minerals…

So enjoy!

The boulangerie and its famous baguette! Something we could consider as France’s emblem.


Our local specialities:

Do you know the Câlina ?

This original brioche is made from raisin yeast and 5 different varieties of grape: Muscat Alexandrie, Syrah, Carignan, Merlot, Mauzac, Muscat from Aude, all cultivated in the Languedoc terroirs. This brioche is typically Mediterranean… A real wine resort treat. It’s more than just a câlina  !

Discover also :

– The « galette Occitane », short crust pastry, candied fruit and & marinated grapes, perfumed with Bigaradie aroma… Decorated with slivered almonds and pine nuts: 6€20

– « Los Crocants de Lengadoc », small and crunchy (flour, slivered almonds, icing sugar and egg white), perfumed with violet aroma: 3€80 per sachet of 110gr

– The « pignes de la Garrigue », vanilla flavoured small, crunchy biscuit with meringue and pine nuts: 4€80 per sachet of 110 gr

– “Lo Sabl’oc », mini galette from the Occitanie region, candied fruit and marinated grapes, perfumed with Bigaradie aroma: 3€80 per sachet of 110 gr




Take this opportunity!

A trendy bag filled with a “câlina” and a metal box filled with 5 sachets of biscuits of your choice: only 40€!


Our pastries:

-Caramel/Chocolat/coffee Eclairs

-Cherry, almond & pistashio trilogy



-Strawberry and Rhubarb Pavlova

-Pine nut Tartelette

-Raspberry Tarte


-Strawberry and whipped cream Tartelette

-Apple Feuilleté

-Apricot Feuilleté



A tasty break? 

-Sablé Occitan

-Meringue and praline/chocolate Truffle

-Choco Courti

-Almond Croissant

-Blueberry and chocolate Muffins

-Sablé pitchoune

–Sugar Doony’s

-Chocolate Doony’s




Happy Birthday! 

Is it your birthday? Or is it a close one’s birthday? For a successful birthday, you can also book a delicious cake at the boulangerie!


Open all season from April 20 to September 21, 2019.

Opening hours: Low season: 06.30am-12.30pm / 4pm-7.30pm
High season: 6am – 13.30pm / 3:30pm – 8.30pm

Subject to change.

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