At the campsite’s newspaper shop, you will of course find bathing and beach items, clothes, and souvenir gifts. But most of all, you will also able to purchase the most important component  of your long relaxation sessions at the beach or by the pool : magazines. They have practically all your favourite magazines.

Items sold by the shop :

Press/Bookshop :


–          International and French press : magazines and daily papers

–          Bookshop :  paperback books in French, German, English and Dutch

–          Road maps

–          Stationery and cards

You will find a whole variety of basic stationery items for sale at the shop : notebooks, correspondence pads, envelopes, glue, sellotape, pens, pencils, coloured pencils, crayons, felt tip pens,  colouring books….

Souvenir gifts :

Want to make someone happy? You will find various items at the shop to please your family and friends : post cards, fantasy jewelry , La Yole T-shirts, pottery, perfumed candles…

General Store:

There’s no need to pack your beach and bathing items, you will find everything you need on site  :

For your family :

Sunscreen, snorkeling equipment, swimming goggles, beach mattresses, bathing towels, umbrellas, folding beach seats,….but also board games to share joyful and relaxing moments with your family.

For your kids :

Buckets and spades, swimming rings, inflatable armbands,  inflatables for the beach, beach game sets such as beach rackets, balls, badminton sets, kites, bathing towels with their favourite heros… You will also find calmer games and activities to entertain your child, such as cars, dolls…

For fathers:

Pétanque games, fishing items…

Special camping items : 

La Yole also being a campsite, you will also find inflatable mattresses, tent pegs, mallets and hammers, bungee ropes, ropes and cords, hooks, tarpaulin and protective canvas, barbecues,  and much more…

The general store complements our supermarket regarding items such as :

Hardware store items :

Buckets, spades and brushes, sweeping mops, pegs, tea towels, tin openers, icecube trays, coolers, barbecue skewers, all sorts of knives,….it’s as good as in Carrefour or Auchan!

Personal care products and cosmetics :

Shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, facial and body creams, cotton buds, toothbrushes, intimate hygiene products…

To indulge yourself :

The shop offers a wide range of clothing items :

For ladies :

Trendy swimming suits, beach dresses, shorts, skirts, capri pants….Let yourself be tempted by one of these enjoyable little things.

For gents :

Swimming suits (those required at the pool), bathing shorts to look good at the beach.

For children :

Swimming suits, shorts, dresses : look how gorgeous they are!

Miscellaneous :

For your feet : flip-flops and espadrilles of course!  For your lovely heads : hats and caps….

And at Campsie Layole we haven’t forgotten about your beautiful eyes with trendy but inexpensive sunglasses.

Opening hours:

Low season: 8.30 – 12.00 & 16.00 – 19.00
High season: 8.30 – 13.00 & 15.00 – 20.00

Subject to change.

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