New in 2017: The ice cream booth

Come and enjoy tasty ice creams the whole summer at the ice cream booth of the campsite. Enter into a universe of pleasure with our Gelateria.

There is nothing is better than a good ice cream to get refreshed. So don’t hesitate and come make your choice! Since we are working  with Antolin Délices, who is an homemade ice cream seller since 1916, all our  take-away ice creams are local. Thanks to a selection of raw material, his secrets of production and his creativity; Antolin Délices is one of the main ice creams artisans in France.

Unless you prefer frozen yogurts made on site with fresh products. Pick the toppings you’d prefere and there you go, a frozen yogurt; which is good for the figure and a great moral booster!

The ice cream seller offers you smoothies and other impulse ice creams as well. Your tast buds will be enchanted and this will make you melt for the holidays.

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