It is highly recommended to Download La Yole’s app if you do not intend to miss out on your holiday! Whether you use an android or an apple phone doesn’t make any difference. The main thing is to stay tuned and updated!

Entertainment timetable

With the app, you will instantly know where to go for your activities. Updated in advance, you will have all your time to explore our entertainment programme in detail. Goodbye paper version that was bound to get lost!

Tourist attractions, trips and sightseeing

No doubt that you will have carefully planned your holiday. But once here, you will also be able to discover a whole range of activities taking place in the vicinity of campsite La Yole.

Weather forecasts

Our app also enables you to have an overview of the upcoming weather conditions so as to judiciously plan on what days you will be enjoying the sun, and on what days you will be visiting the area.

Stay tuned :

Our different teams on the campsite will always be happy to help you out, so do not hesitate if you were to have any questions! You can however also get in touch with us through the app, directly from your camping pitch or your mobilehome terrace. We will get back to you within 55 minutes on average!

So get onto your apps!

1.       Download TIPIZ

2.       Enter your FIRST NAME

3.       Enter password : YOLE

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