Zumba !

Have you ever had a go at Zumba ? NO ? Come and join us at the meeting point by the bar to wriggle your hips and free your inhibitions.

Did you know ?

Zumba is a fitness dance that originated from Colombia. It mixes up several other latin dances such as Salsa, Merengue, Flamenco, Reggaeton with fitness movements.

Zumba has numerous positive effects, specially for those of you who would like to burn up calories in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

What benefits does Zumba offer ?

Physically, Zumba offers lots of benefits : cardio-training, which is perfect for developing endurance.

Suppleness and agility are also fostered, due to the fact that you have to sway your hips, as with any other latin dance.

Many different body parts are also stimulated : gluteal muscles, thigh muscles, abdominal muscles, arms and legs…. A zumba lesson will enable you to get  rid of 500 calories on average !

Zumba also provides psychological well-being : music, the friendly and non-competitive atmosphere, and the possibility to let go,  contribute in helping you get rid of stress and in raising your spirits.

Lastly, zumba also helps you improve your memory, as you have to remember all the successive dance steps you are shown  by the teacher.

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