Do you want to take advantage of your holidays to get rid of stress ? If so, come and take part in an intensive water gym course every morning at the pool.

Did you know ?

Water gym : maximum results with minimum effort

Water gym is an excellent way of combining  relaxation with the benefits of exercising.

Once immersed in water, our body only weighs a third of what it does outside water, which makes movements a lot easier. Water gym is therefore particularly recommended for people who don’t work out very often.

However, compared to air, water resistance makes your muscles work harder. You cannot feel the difference, but results tend to become visible a lot faster. It is beleived that 30 Minutes of water gym use up as much energy as 1.30 hour of sport outside water (both activities burn up to 600 calories).

The benefits of water gym :

Water gym is a complete sport that stimulates a whole range of muscles (abdominal muscles, gluteal muscles, thigh muscles, arms, shoulders…). Watergym helps you keep a trim figure but also benefits your health.


Water gym enables you to shape your figure by stimulating several different areas : your waist becomes thinner, your breasts get firmer, your gluteal is toned up and your back is strengthened. Water gym also helps getting rid of cellulite.


As with any other sport, water gym offers you numerous health benefits. It helps improve muscular strength and endurance, stimulates your cardiovascular bloodstream, and tones your heart rate. To maximise those benefits, it is recommended to exercise twice a week.

Unlike many other sports, the risk of getting hurt is very low : water pressure protects you from impacts, minimises soreness, and prevents strained and pulled muscles. Water gym is also a safe sport for your joints as all contact with the ground is avoided.

So jump into your swimming suits and off you go !