Hammer Bottle : punch the hammer as hard as you can ! Who is the strongest amongst you ?

Knock Out : Arcade boxing videogame. Punch your enemies and win rounds.

Across the world : a mechanic game for kids. Your kid drives a car attached to a conveyer belt. The goal of the game is to roll over as many balls as possible. Your kid is offered a gift at the end of the game.

Scud Race : an Arcade racing game. Get seated in your racing car and become the best pilot amongst 40 competitors. 4 different circuits and 4 cars.

Star Wars Pod Racer : ultra fast “Star Wars” racing game. Take part in a “pod”  (a mix between a space ship and a racing roman chariot) race. Speed and sounds (motor sounds, insults between pilots and soundtracks) are perfectly rendered.

Lost World : a shooting game based on “Jurassic Parc”. The player’s aim is to stop a raging dinosaur, while saving human beings from the animal’s claws.

Sega Rally 2 dx : a split screen Arcade multiplayer racing game. Suitable both for beginners and for addicts.

Let’s go jungle : a never-ending shooting game. Endless ammunition to shoot spiders and insects on a 157cm wide screen. 1 or 2 player mode.

Extrem Hunting 2 : shooting game. Chase animals such as bears, reindeers, wolves…

2 Xbox : FIFA and PES games are currently available, but you can also take your own games along!

Wave runner : Arcade Jet ski racing game. Different levels and environments.

Cosmic : a classic and funny puck game, where you have to send the floating puck into the adverse goal.

Mini flipper : a classic flipper game aimed at children. Improve your score by sending the balls back upwards.

Fast track : Puck table game. Throw the puck into your opponent’s goal and get a maximum of points!

Grue Bonbon : Throw a coin inside the machine and try catching a sweet with a gigantic three legged peg. If you succeed, the machine will grant you with a round of applause!

DDR Euro Mix 2 : Follow the choreography on screen by stepping onto the 4 arrows on the ground. The longer the music lasts, the harder it gets. Become the campsite’s best dancer.

Mario Kart : 1 or 2 player mode game with your favourite video game hero, and a whole bunch of new characters such as Pac Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Blinky, the red ghost.

House of Dead : The player’s goal is to make his way through a bunch of zombies. Inspired from “Virtua Cop”, within a bloodier, monster- and death-laden atmosphere.

Stacker : a “Tetris”-like game where you have to stack up elements, so as to get as high as possible within the grid, but without exceeding the screen limit.  If you succeed, you get a prize.

Manxx tt : 2 player mode Arcade motorcycle racing game where the motorcycle you’re sitting on tilts down, providing close-to-real sensations.

Arctic Thunder : Racing snowmobile game, where you can gather weapons, missiles and various other bonuses to beat your competitors.

Soccer Mania : Football game

Tacco Kids : similar to puck games : the puck is replaced by a ball, and sticks are attached to a fixed lever.

Speed Basket : 2 player game, the goal of which is to push the maximum number of balls into the holes with a joystick, while your opponent tries hindering your actions with his own joystick.

Speedball : a masterpiece of its kind. The player’s objective is to push a metal ball into the opponent’s goal. No holds barred.

4×4 : a standalone carousel-type 4×4 car, onto which children can climb, and which moves and  imitates car motor sounds.

Aquajet :  Arcade jet ski video game. Seated in your jet ski facing a screen, you will experience the sensations of a sea race.

Basket for 2 : indoor electronic basketball game. Send the ball into a real basketball basket. 8 difficulty levels, 1 or 2 player mode.

Pang Pang Paradise : an original Arcade game, consisting in throwing balls onto a touchscreen.

Hammer Dx : hammer punching for children. Hit the hammer as hard as you can.

Fire Stomper : Dragon game aimed at children. Use your hands and feet to extinguish the fire triggered by the dragon, by hitting certain specific spots.

Plush toy catching game : the version you will find on all French funfairs. A game consisting in catching, lifting and successfully transporting a toy so as to retrieve it.

Ninja Turtle : a standalone carousel-type “Ninja Turtle” car, onto which children can climb, and which moves while making related sounds.

South Park : a flipper game derived from the famous US series.

The Simpsons’ :  a flipper game derived from the famous US series.

2 Babyfoot B60 : a real Bonzini Baby football table. 100% French. Hours of fun guaranteed with your family or friends.

5 Winner Billiard : a professional pool table to confront your competitors.

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