Volleyball or Beach volley?

At Campsite La Yole volleyball has the place of honor. Volleyball is all about sharing and laughing. Meet us up at the beach or at the multi-sport pitch. Coordinating your team will enable you to meet new people.

Tournaments are regularly organized and are aimed at different age groups. Be sure never to miss your tournament by checking our entertainment program regularly and carefully.

If you were to prefer Beach volley, the fine sandy beach is the perfect place to wind out and to start a game with friends

May the Best win!

Handball :

You know handball, don’t you? Of course you do! But since when have you not taken part in a game?

Now it’s your turn to play : from 9 years onwards, come and register to take part in a tournament of your category!  Which team shall win the trophy?

A Trophy? Yes, the joy of having won!

As with any team sport, handball requires a solid team, which is a good way of meeting people with similar interests… Numerous friendships actually started at La Yole Wine Resort!

Football :

You are a football fan who would never miss a match…Of course you would love being part of  a team, but your job and family life do not always allow that…Luckily, you are spending your holidays at La Yole!

Numerous tournaments are organized throughout the holiday season. Anyone over 9 can participate. So take a look at your entertainment program!


Tony Parker, you had better watch out…Basketball also is a serious issue at La Yole.  Even if you are not 2 meters tall, you can participate,…because you’re on holidays after all! So do your very best to make your team win. And if it’s not the case, at least you will have had a good time and perhaps you will even have met friendly people.

Choose a game according to your category and register with our friendly entertainers.

Water polo:

This team sport isn’t amongst the most practiced ones (or is it your case?!)

Therefore, here’s a little introduction :

A variation of water polo used to be practiced during the Ancient Roman era. The sport used to be popular, especially amongst legionaries, who contributed in spreading it to the entire Empire. The game used to take place in thermal baths (Wikipedia).

Modern water polo originated in England in 1869. Since then, the rules have evolved substantially.

Team composition:

A team consists of 7 players with 6 substitute-players and 1 or 2 goal keepers.

The 6 field players are usually organized in half a circle, 2-7 meters from the opponents’ goal with one player in the center (called point). The so-called point faces his teammates, with his back towards the opposed goalkeeper. His role is to pick up the ball, to turn around and to shoot as quickly as possible. The game between the point and the defense point is often very intense and demanding, as those two players actually benefit from a certain margin of tolerance.

That’s it concerning technical explanations … Is everything clear?

So put on your swimming suits and splash, you’re the only one we’re still waiting for at Campiste La Yole’s big pool!