Beyond the action of simply stretching yourself, a stretching lesson will enable you both to stretch and to lengthen your muscles, and to improve your flexibility.

Even without necessarily having worked out prior to your stretching lesson, come and join us by the bar for a beneficial stretching lesson. Both your mind and your muscles will take advantage of it, which will in turn make your vacation even more complete and enjoyable.

Stretching improves and maintains muscle tone. We all have a proficiency to contract most our muscles more than needed, without even being aware of it. Stretching them allows our entire muscle structure to be brought back into balance.

By improving flexibility, stretching avoids or contributes in relieving stiffness, which is often triggered by stress.

Stretching enables rediscovering one’s body. When concentrating on one particular move, we become aware of areas and muscles we had previously never felt or even heard of.

We gradually unwind without even being aware of it…and slowly but surely perk up!

It is definitely good to be spending time at Domaine La Yole Wine Resort.