Camping La Yole transforms itself into an open-air gym…Make sure you do not miss our step aerobics lessons by checking on what days and at what times our classes take place.

Created in the US in 1986, step aerobics have become very popular over time. The sport was named after the object it is based upon,  – a mobile and elevated platform called step. Step aerobics offer the advantage of being both physically intense and complete.

At Campsite La Yole, you will have the opportunity to discover this activity in a friendly atmosphere and not a competitive one. Holidays are meant to have and to be fun!

A basic introduction to step aerobics:

The lesson consists in learning and in performing a choreography by stepping up and down (up / down, front / back / sideways) and around the step (mambo, turning around…).

It is possible to create a whole range of combinations and of choreographies, using the easiest “basic-step” or more elaborate steps such as the “double step touch”. Let your coach guide you.

Although most of the effort actually relies on your legs, your arms never remain inactive: they are indeed stimulated during the entire work out, where you will alternate crossing your arms, putting them up in the air, and back down along your body.

Benefits provided by Step aerobics:

Both physical and artistic, step aerobics definitely are alluring :

–          Step aerobics enable burning up a large amount of calories by simultaneously stimulating all your muscles and your cardiovascular system (up to 400-500 calories/hour)

–          Step aerobics contribute in strengthening your muscles. Climbing up and down the step activates your legs, while each move also stimulates your arms.  Your entire body builds up muscles evenly.

–          Step aerobics engender better coordination and contribute in giving the body a more streamlined appearance

–          Step aerobics choreographies imply synchronizing leg and arm movements with music. Getting mixed up or missing a step is no good!

–          Step aerobics improve endurance. Your cardiovascular system is put under pressure for a relatively long period, which contributes in getting your heart and lungs in shape, and in improving overall physical condition.

–          Step aerobics allow working out and having fun at the same time. Being swept along by the music, carried along by the friendly group atmosphere and concentrated on the choreography’s moves will help make you forget you’re actually working out!


Best practice guidelines:

Follow your coach’s instructions attentively at all times.

Wear adapted footwear, do not come to a lesson barefooted or wearing flip flops. Pack a pair of tennis shoes in your suitcase, which will hold your ankle tightly and cushion off impacts well.

Here a little post-step lesson tip: have a nice and hot shower and come and chill out by the pool.

Here’s a video to show you what a step aerobics lesson is like :



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