The Game Zone’s fun fair atmosphere shall enchant both young and old.

The smallest ones will enjoy the merry-go-round as well as the mini-Kart track.

You will also be able to play mini golf with your family.

Moreover, the Game Zone facility also consists in a genuine Arcade video game gallery, for your teenagers’ greatest pleasure.

Long-lasting pool and billiard games also await you at the Game Zone.

And even thrill seekers will be delighted to try our catapult : had you ever dreamt of going to the moon ? It’s now possible at Campsite La Yole, thanks to our catapult which will shoot you up in the air! Beware : not for the faint hearted !

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Who is Diony?

Diony, our new mascot As previously stated, Campsite La Yole’s mascot Poulpy has decided to leave to join his fiancée...

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