Fencing is a combative sport. It is however neither the most widespread nor the most popular of all sports…Come and discover this specific sporting discipline….

Angélique and Axel will be happy to initiate you into fencing, on a daily basis, at Camping La Yole.

But in the mean time, here’s a little introduction to fencing :

Philosophically speaking, respecting your opponent, respecting the rules and showing courage are basic values in fencing : the fencers salute each other prior to starting a bout, and once the bout is over, they thank each other and shake hands before leaving. If an opponent does not respect those rules (by throwing his mask, or by not saluting his opponent, for instance), it can result in his/her  long-term disqualification.

In intellectual terms, self-control and creativity also constitute fencing fundamentals. The abilities to anticipate and to set up a tactical plan are required at all times during a bout.

Physically, fencing competition requires and fosters suppleness and agility, reflexes and swift movements. Competition fencing is one of the most demanding sports, as coordination,  lower-limb strength and endurance are all needed simultaneously.

Fencing develops and reinforces those values while bringing harmony to both body and mind.

(source Wikipédia)

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