At the height of summer, numerous entertainment shows are offered in the campsite’s immediate surroundings. However, if you prefer not having to drive and enjoying your evenings to the fullest instead, campsite La Yole offers you something different every night.

Themed evenings

Take your family along, and come and have fun with us. During the entire season, campsite La Yole offers numerous themed evenings : Disco evenings, open-mike sessions, Mr or Ms La Yole contests and elections… You’ve probably already dreamed of heading the bill, haven’t you? Well in that case, come and join us quickly, we’re waiting for you on stage.

Evening shows

It’s really easy to have a good time at Campsite La Yole. Is there anything better than to be able to head  to the bar after a lazy day spent at the beach, to have a seat on the terrace, to enjoy sipping a fresh fruit cocktail, while happily watching your children’s amazed and beaming faces after the wonderful performance they’ve just watched?

We offer different types of performances: magic shows, dance shows, gymnastics shows….Absolutely worth seeing!

So many positive memories and thoughts can only contribute to a good night’s sleep! Sweet dreams!


Artists have the place of honour at La Yole, whether singing with a band, in a duet or solo. Tributes to artists such as U2, Johnny Halliday and many others are performed regularly. There’s nothing more pleasant than live music! Campsite La Yole holds its own festival.

At Camping La Yole we’re working hard to make your stay a pleasant one and to keep you entertained.

 2017 Evenings Entertainments

In 2017, Camping La Yole offers a diversity of shows ranging from glitter to magic. We offer the biggest outdoor cabaret in the world! The following is a selection of the best shows on the program in June : Magic shows with Marc Enzo and Chris&Rick, Disney shows, Cabaret shows and open air live concerts of course!


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