If you enjoy shaking and moving your body, you’ve come to the right place !

At campsite La Yole, your first possibility to dance takes place with the so-called « Danses du Soleil ».

Danses du Soleil camping La Yole

Every midday, silence suddenly settles in the campsite’s alleys. Where have all the campers gone ? To the swimming pool of course,  to take part in our so-called «Danses du Soleil ». Our activity leaders who all have the rhythm, will teach you choreographies on the summer’s greatest hits . Both young and old will enjoy those good times spent dancing all together. Isn’t life good, at Campsite La Yole ?

No matter how young or how old, you are welcome to come and dance :

Every Friday a mini-party is organised for children over 3, so as to end the week joyfully with balloons and music instruments.

Mini Disco

Queens and kings of the dance floor are invited to show us their most impressive dance steps every evening before the show.  Our activity leaders will teach your kids choreographies, enabling them to have fun dancing on the latest hits.  There will be swaying and swinging! Fun guaranteed… the Britney Spears and Michael Jacksons of the future will surely come to light!

Adults and Teenagers are also entitled to their own share of fun and highlights!

First, there are dancing lessons that take place every afternoon at 5 pm : Zumba, Salsa, Hip-Hop,… anything is possible at Campsite La Yole, so check your entertainment programme regularly!

In addition, dance evenings  – with or without a specific theme – are organised twice a week, during which current and timeless songs are played. Let yourself go! You’re on holiday!

However, at La Yole, all activities stop at 11.30 pm. After that, you will have to go clubbing either in Valras Plage or in Béziers.

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