Holidays should mean relaxation. But they could also be a good way to take part in cultural activities you never have time for back home.

Children aged 3-4

Here’s an overview of the activities offered to infants:

Numerous logic games, such as puzzles, Legos and Kapla blocks,  are used to develop observation skills, patience and fine motor skills.

Children aged 5-8

Memory-boosting games, elocution and diction games, treasure hunts.

Children aged 9-12

The kids will be hunting for clues and hidden objects, scattered all over the campsite, just like Sherlock Holmes did. Treasure hunts are great for stimulating memory, orientation skills and to foster team cohesion and spirit.

Adults and Teenagers :

Could you possibly imagine spending an entire holiday without reading a single book or magazine?

Your everyday school or professional life is keeping you busy and away from books. Make up for that by either reading books by trending authors, or books that are part of our common literary heritage. If you prefer magazines, you will find everything you need to fulfill your thirst for knowledge in our general store. Remain up-to-date on the latest trends regarding fashion, politics or cars. Nothing should be put aside.

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