Who never dreams of playing the role of Katnees Everdeen and her mocking jay? You’ll probably need a bit of practicing before achieving that though…What a stroke of luck!  Campsite La Yole gives you the unique opportunity to discover archery.

But beyond cinema, archery has long been a means of defense and a way of securing access to food. Nowadays, it has evolved into a sport requiring precision skills and concentration.

There are many different types of archery, but at Domaine La Yole we will only teach you the basics of archery.

The archery lessons take place in a natural setting. Like stretching, archery provides relaxation and serenity. The required concentration skills contribute in regulating your breath, and in making you aware of what you are surrounded by.

So come along,…and who knows, Peeta may be hiding in the trees, or is it Cinna?