After completing the games page of our magazine without cheating, you deserve them, here are the solutions to each game!

The answers to the games

  • The 7 differencesAnswers Camping La Yole


As you have noticed, the 7 differences to be found were :
– the absence of the board in front of the mobile home
– the light in the left corner of the mobile home
– the blue keel on the wooden steps
– the colour of the bike
– the colour of the canvas stretched on the terrace
– the leaves of trees above the terrace
– the cloud which slipped on the top left (not for long we reassure you!)

  • Hiding wordsAnswers La Yole Mag


A little wink to our beloved visitors, the word to find in this game was of course “Touriste”!
We are all at one or more times of the year, and this grid will no doubt have made you want to continue to be one a little more!