The famous Fonséranes lock staircases, which constitute the most significant civil engineering construction of the canal, are the third most visited site in Languedoc Roussillon with 450000 annual visitors, just behind the Pont du Gard and Carcassonne. When standing in the very middle of the construction, one becomes conscious of the human and technical challenges it must have been back then.  The construction is composed of 8 oval basins and 9 locks, which enable catching up an altitude difference of 21.50 meters on a total length of 300m. The construction was originally aimed at enabling boats to reach the Orb river. Nowadays, the only buildings still standing are the stable buildings and the lock keeper’s house.

Adress: Chemin des écluses, 34500 Béziers

Tel: 00 33 4 67 49 25 45


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