Have you ever heard of Camargue ?

Camargue is green region located in the south-east of France, mostly swampy. There, we notably practice rice cultivation and bull breeding. Between sky, ground and sea, covered of ponds and lagunas, it is also a horse breeding ground living in a huge freedom. Astonishing sunrises, the pink flamingos flights… You have not finished to be dazzled yet !


The Paul Ricard Domain of Méjanes, at the heart of Camargue

1h30 far from Domaine La Yole, precisely in Arles, takes place the Paul Ricard Domain of Méjanes. Ideally situated, in the center of Camargue regional park, the domain spreads on 7 175 941 yards in a green heart full of nature. This place is perfect if you really want to know by a deeply way the region of Camargue!

You could discover the horse and bull breeding, and watch a typical demo of a Camargue Race, discover the local fauna and flora surrounding the Vaccarès pond, by bike, by foot or even for a total immersion, why not by riding a horse!

What’s the programme

Local games and festivities, cockade races, straightening, bull madnesses and games, acrobatics games…

To precisely know the calendar of the activities, go to this website : http://www.mejanes-camargue.fr/


Impossible to speak about Camargue without thinking about Manade !

What is a Manade ?

There is not a direct translation for this practice, but a Manade is mainly spread in Camargue region in provence, or in the little Camargue of Languedoc. The manade deals with a cattle horse herd  and the place where they are grazing on.

Nearby the pond of Vendres, the Manade Margè  is one of this magic places : a natural space ranked where bulls and horses are living in peace and harmony.

Every Thursday from the month of June, you can participate to a discovery day ! The tinged manade proposes you an introduction to horse manageability in the Monteilles arenas and a guided and commented tour about breeding by towed trailer.


Here are some great memories to bring at home in some sensational and typical places of our region !


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