Are you planning to go on holiday with your children for your next escape? Traveling with children can prove pretty hectic and requires a bit of organisation. Here are a few tips to enable you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Book your stay well in advance

Nowadays, numerous families opt for camping. Camping has become trendy and more and more families are tempted to take up camping. Everything is indeed planned to offer you a happy holiday with your little ones : chilling out, relaxing, resting, outdoor activities… It is highly recommended to book your stay well in advance. Camping spots tend to get booked real fast, with thousands of campers going on holiday at the same time, which explains why it is crucial to book quickly. Once you’ve done it, you’ll be able to prepare your holiday peacefully without having to worry about your accommodation. It will also enable you to choose the type of accommodation that suits your family best. The earlier you book, the better. But before taking the big leap, you should make sure you’re fully aware of everyone’s preferences to guarantee each family member a happy holiday : swimming, going to the beach, working out, resting, sightseeing…This crucial step shall determine what type of campsite you will be going for and which campsite to choose according to your budget. At campsite La Yole, you will find all the ingredients for a perfect family vacation.

Organising your stay

For a stress-free family holiday, it should be organised months in advance. It’s the best way to avoid any bad surprises. In terms of budget, it is highly recommended to plan a comfortable budget to enjoy your holidays to their fullest ! Write down a check-list with all your foreseen daily expenses : meals, accommodation costs, sightseeing, paid access activities…Concerning your wardrobe, make sure you take enough clothes along, as all campsites do not necessarily offer laundrette facilities, unlike campsite La Yole which offers a fully equipped laundrette with washing machines as well as driers. Once, you’ve chosen your campsite carefully, prefer a spot located close to sanitary facilities.

Things to take along

Being well equipped is the key to a worry-free holiday ! Here’s a list to help you chose what to take along for your getaway.


· Quick drying clothes
· Dressing gown
· Jumper
· Windbreaker jacket
· Raincoat
· Hiking shoes
· Swimming suit or trunks (Bathing shorts are forbidden at Campiste La Yole), etc.

Leisure activities

· Camera
· Books
· Sheets of paper
· Drawing pencils
· Magazines
· Board games
· Card games
· Charger
· MP3 reader

In case you left something at home, you can always head to our general store !

Camping Equipment and Gear

· Inflatable mattress
· Tent
· Carpets
· Rubbish plastic bags
· Kitchen roll
· Gas camping stove or cooker
· Electrical extension cord
· Multiplug
· Sponges
· Dish washing liquid
· Matches
· Torch lamps
· Scissors
· Ropes and cords
· Pegs, etc.

Staying healthy

· Sun screen
· Personal hygiene products
· Toilet paper rolls
· Anti-mosquito spray and soothing cream, etc.

You’re now ready for a family camping holiday. Share unforgettable moments with your loved ones. For more excitement and thrills, do try our adventure park. At campsite La Yole, you’ll benefit from all the facilities and services a campsite usually offers, but also from our adventure rope park, from our animal farm and from the estate’s sun grown wines with wine tasting and wine tourism activities.

There are a lot of destinations out there, so be sure to make a choice that suits you and your family best ! Bonnes Vacances !