Your children are no longer children. They are reaching puberty. Conflicts and arguments tend to occur more frequently, which leaves you wondering where your angel-faced cherubs have gone. It’s time for a holiday at Campsite La Yole!

Your children will be immensely grateful. You will be able to grant them some of the freedom they cherish do dearly, without having to worry about their safety. Our activity leaders will be keeping them busy, while our security guards will be doing their best to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing.

Your children will be able to meet youngsters from their own country or from other European countries.  They will acknowledge the fact that even if their language teacher isn’t the best, speaking another language can prove useful when wanting to communicate with foreigners.  It’s a great way for your children to improve or revise their language skills and their geography knowledge.

Your children will be willing to share all those enrichening moments with you, during meals, thus reviving your lost complicity.

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Looking for a family campsite? So welcome to Domaine La Yole !!

Are you looking for a family campsite? Welcome to the enchanted Campsite!

Dear parents, We have a very special announcement to do … During these two weeks, The Domaine La Yole, already as ...

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Who is Diony?

Diony, our new mascot As previously stated, Campsite La Yole’s mascot Poulpy has decided to leave to join his fiancée...

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