Make your baby travel, in all serenity.

For relaxing holidays

Choosing a campsite as a baby travel can be a wise choice.

The campsite or outdoor hotel allows you to fully enjoy nature, but while coming in the South of France, be careful not to leave your cherub in the sun and avoid the hottest hours.

Enjoy the sea air, as a matter of fact, it has a soothing effect on everyone.  But on your baby, it will have the merit of improving the respiratory system, by the action of negative ions.

Besides, your baby’s sleep will be favored, being in a calm environment and at a good temperature. For this, we advise you, as far as possible to choose the months of May, June or September.

Taking care of yourself is not always easy to stall in a young parents’ planning!

Treat yourself during a baby’s nap, offer yourself  a moment of relaxation just for you. Why wouldn’t you make an appointment at the spa?

No need to weigh yourself too much, we can rent you baby kits, these include the cot, bath and high chair.


When baby travel goes with discovery.

Do you want to relish these amazing moments when your baby discovers the world?

  • The Water discovery

Our pools are heated, and the water park has two pools for toddlers. Let your child discover the water differently than in his bath.

Nothing like the amazed eyes of your little one when he discovers this feeling of immersion, while being confident in your arms,

Be sure to regularly put sunscreen, you can also leave him/her a bathing Tshirt. Think about the waterproof layers, but be careful, to regularly check the layer state. Finally, give him/her a nice hat and beautiful sunglasses!

  • The beach discovery

The sea air is excellent for your baby, at any age, but from one year, you can leave, under great surveillance, your child discover the sand.

  • The animals’ discovery

Come and discover the animals of the farm otherwise than in books, cows, pigs, ducks …. all welcome you at their own pace.

Why travelling to France with your baby?

Thanks to Ryanair, south of France is now only few hours from Great Britain or Irland, and at good prices!

South of France, is during spring or September a very good spot, the sun is warm nut not too hot, there are people but it is not crowded, the swimming pools at La Yole are heated, and covered, in case of bad weather.

Besides, while coming to camping La Yole at Valras plage, is a very easy way to travel with baby. We can arrange you the taxi from Béziers airport or Carcassone airport.

You can rent the baby kit on place. All our mobile homes have airco. Even our lodge tents have airco.

All our staff is here to pamper you and your family!

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Looking for a family campsite? So welcome to Domaine La Yole !!

Are you looking for a family campsite? Welcome to the enchanted Campsite!

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