Thursdays in La Yole, Thursdays like no other!

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Thursdays in La Yole, Thursdays like no other!

As everyone knows, this summer 2019, campsite will blow their fifty candles.

We thank to you for all those wonderful seasons with you, and all those convivial moments suffused with good mood.

And that’s far from over! Many wonderful years follow and we are going to party this jubilee like it should be!


For this fiftieth season see you on Thursday’s.

Since 1969, La yole Winery become one of the hugest campsites in Europe and it must be celebrate!

Here we’ve seen things big and that’s for these reasons we’ve not decided to party our birthday one time but 6 times.

2019’s summer will be the time of a new concept: La Yole’s Thursdays. That will happen on 6 dates who will exalt this fiftieth summer.


  • 20th June 2019
  • 04th July 2019
  • 25th July 2019
  • 08th August 2019
  • 22nd August 2019
  • 05th September 2019


During those Thursday prepare yourself to turn up like a real street festival, where, music live, circus arts, parade, magic, and shows are melting.


A little foretaste?

We’ll not telling where…Neither who, but let see if you will guess, with some clue, who will be our firsts guests stars becoming for you.

If we talk about bubbles professionals, about screens professionals, about successful duo…? Add some impenetrable magic secret, guess you?

Giant bubble, bounced bubble, littles bubbles in a bigger, bubbles caterpillars… It’s going to bubble you!

You still have no ideas? Maybe you’ve seen them here: Gulli , m6, Paris Premiere, Bobino Paris, Velodrome Marseille, la Cigale, America’s got talent…!


We’re not going to tell you… suspense…suspense…


Nostalgia Thursdays!

Who never watched an olds schools pictures with melancholic feelings?

That’s impossible to not feel the nostalgia after those many years… 50 years and heads full of memories! That’s why we’ve decided to share those memories during these whole summer.

So, let be active on our socials networks, you’ll discover ours oldest photos of campsite.

Those photos don’t show only the campsite growing, but the starting of a campsite who has become one of the hugest campsites in Europe!


Stay tuned!


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