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Chocolate and friendliness

Easter is this weekend! Young and old alike have the right to be greedy, but also to celebrate this day in various ways! Back on the traditions and the history of Easter.

Without abusing chocolate, take advantage of this moment that is synonymous with the arrival of the good days, but also with traditions: painting on eggs, tasting leg of lamb or Easter bunny, decorating the house … Each activity will delight the whole family.

Around here, the specialty is the pascal omelette. But we do not refuse some hens or chocolate bunnies either …

Anyway, family time, egg hunt, we hope that this Easter weekend will be full of joy and good mood!

It can also be an opportunity to plan a stay at the campsite! The Easter holidays are coming soon, and the sun is slowly setting in! You have deserved a moment of relaxation after this winter: to you the terrace breakfasts and the walks on the beach!
From April 21st, come and spend a few days with your family to enjoy the springtime sweetness and new equipment of La Yole!

In the meantime, here are some details about Easter :

Easter is a religious holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus, but also a pagan festival to celebrate spring, rebirth and the return of light. Since the year 525, Easter takes place between March 22nd and April 25th, according to a calculation taking into consideration the Spring Equinox and the full moon. For more information on the determination of the date: here.

As for Easter symbols, rabbits and eggs are the best known, and each one has a meaning. The rabbit is actually a hare, symbol of the resurrection because it changes its coat and color in the spring! As for the eggs, it is also a question of revival because they represent life and renewal of the nature.

You’ve understood it, Easter smells of spring and the return of flowers and greenery!

It is therefore with warmth that the whole team of Domaine La Yole wishes you a Happy Easter!
We’ll meet again very quickly!

This year is REALLY EXCEPTIONAL as the campsite is open for Easter!

The opportunity for all the families present on the campsite to go in search of the treasures hidden by the bells!

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