Valentine's Day

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Today is Valentine’s Day!

No need to go crazy looking for useless gifts! Sit down, turn on your computer, take a deep breath! Here’s the solution for a successful Valentine’s Day : A romantic trip that you can book with just one click! PHEW!

Remember, love is priceless, but unfortunately not everyone can afford a trip to the Bahamas with their loved one. We therefore give you 3 reasons to book your holiday this summer at Domaine La Yole as a Valentine’s Day gift. Of course you won’t be able to enjoy your gift immediately, but you can certainly water his/her mouth and impress your love with these three ways of saying “I love you”:


A relaxed Valentine’s Day !

So, to begin we offer you a duo massage in our Beauty Institute for all reservations made before this evening in Hédéïa or in Muscat, stays from April 20 to July 06 or from September 07! To do this, simply use the code:




5-star disconnection guaranteed. Instead of bouquets of flowers, jewellery and other gifts already seen, this year you can opt for a relaxing moment made for two. The opportunity to get together in a cosy place, where well-being and relaxation are the watchwords.


A surprising Valentine’s Day!

To surprise your loved one, make him/her travel! The South of France is full of magical places to discover… No need to go to the other side of the world to empty your mind and live in the present moment. Not far from Spain, in the Hérault department, you can enjoy the scents and colours of the local markets, refresh yourself in the Mediterranean Sea, share your common passions in new places that the magnificent corners of the South of France offer you. A very beautiful destination that will delight your half when you tell him/her where you are going to spend your holidays this summer.

You can discover many visits to do in the surroundings !


A tasty Valentine’s Day

 At Domaine La Yole, it’s a dream on every floor! A festival for the taste buds at every meal. By way of the catering service which will make you discover all the facets of Mediterranean cuisine, by the farm restaurant where you can taste delicious local products (salads,  grilled-over-wood meat, tapas…) or still different varieties of fish at the “comptoir des saveurs” restaurant (The catch of the day – flattop grilled, cod aioli, squid in a brown spicy sauce ; gambas) and without forgetting our brand new Food-Court which will make you travel from country to country for a meal !


Offering a dream holiday at Domaine La Yole for Valentine’s Day is as simple as a kiss!


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