Valentine's Day

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What am I going to offer her for Valentine ’s Day?

It’s time to prove your love to your beloved! The famous lovers’ celebration, like lovebirds, kindred souls, some… In short, that’s Valentine’s Day !

As we approach February 14th, it’s often the same question that returned: WHAT am I going to offer on Valentine ’s Day night? Of course you will answer that there are thousands and thousands alternatives… The rose for Ladies, fragrance for Gentlemen… About theses presents we could say: viewed, viewed, viewed again and reviewed!

No need to offer him/her a trip to Bali to be original. At La Yole campsite we bring originality to you, and even more: the unusual!

You don’t think that a stay in our treehouse would not guarantee you an original present for the lovers celebration?  Yes, because a candlelit dinner, it’s great, but perched at the top of a tree, it’s BETTER! You could proudly tell her “darling, get prepared, this summer, I bring you as close as possible to the stars!”. We let you discover you next love nest: Le Petit Grain


Love with a big A? Like Adventure?

Don’t worry; we do not propose you a Hunger Games invitation, but a marvelous stay as close as possible to the nature! Dear couples, the proposition are a tent.

A TENT? Yes! But not just any one of them! HEDEÏA The lodge tent that will give the opportunity to show you off, the lodge tent that will become a true argument to say: “Yes I for Valentine’s Day, I offer a stay, I offer Glamor, I offer Glamping!”

Be proud to have found this discovery, you’ve probably NEVER SEEN a gift like this ! It’s a tent like no other, and we let you enjoy the discovery!

So get prepared! It’s time to ask her: “darling, will you do glamping with me?”

Moreover, we do things properly at La Yole, we offer you a duo massage in our wellness center  for each bookings made, in Hedeïa  or Muscat from April 20th to July 06th or from September 07th! For that, you just need to use this code :


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