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New year is all about new resolutions !

Once again th entire La Yole team wishes you a Happy New Year 2019 full of laughs, relaxation, happiness, … AND health ! Dear guests it is time to make good resolutions for 2019 and to support you we have prepared some ideas that will make 2019 YOUR year !

Don’t worry, you will not be bothered with “don’t do this” and  “you have to do that”. Here are five good resolutions for your well-being.


Resolution n°1: Take care of yourself

The end of the year was festive and particularly high in calories ? There is no need to set up an exhaustive program, go at your own rythme! The diet itself is not always well balanced and often complicated to maintain. Not to mention the fact that your body needs a good nutrition. Because we want to lose weight very fast we significantly reduce the quantities we eat and we forget to give our body what it really needs.  So the first advice we can give you is to practice sports ! Your goals have to be reasonable and realistic. Before running twice a day you first have to be able to run once. This is also the opportunity to share these moments with your friends, partner or children.

Don’t worry, with a bit of patience you will be ready in time to wear your swimwear and relax at the campsite’s waterpark this summer;)! You could also continue your sport program at the fitness area, by participating the aquagym sessions, stretching trainings, step, …


Resolution n°2 : Relax without feeling guilty  !

How is it possible to do something  when the eyelids are so heavy ? RELAX !

Have you ever heard of sophrology  ? Physical and muscle relaxations (from head to toes) are the main objectives.  If your body is relaxed so will be your mind.

Rest is about caring the body, please yourself is about caring the mind, so learn how to avoid stress and pressure. Why wouldn’t you come for a week end to the Spa at the campsite for example? You could go to the sophrology session that we propose ! Learn how to listen to your body and respond to it with relaxation techniques.


Resolution n°3 : Learn how enjoy  moments with your loved-ones, friends and family.

The whole point of good resolutions is to improve your daily life and this requires a fulfilled social life!

Take the calendar and schedule meals, walks, visits, weekends – why not at La Yole?

Organize a weekend at Domaine La Yole Wine Resort and let your friends discover your holiday destination, they will be very grateful ! Nothing is better to get together than with a good game of french boules under the sun.


Resolution n°4 : Get your fill of vitamin D

Do you know what is the natural main source of  vitamin D ? THE SUN ! And when we talk about sun we obviously think about beach, holidays, tanning, … So let’s follow the singing of the crickets and go to the South of France to get the maximum of vitamin D


Resolution n°5 : It is time to offer you real holidays !

Make 2019 the year of your best camping holidays !

You have earned it to treat yourself. It is time to offer you real holidays. Book a stay at Camping La Yole to live an INCREDIBLE experience !

You will find rentals specially adapted for you , pitches for tents and caravans, perfectly equipped mobile homes  and unique accommodations for atypical nights !

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