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Half a century at the campers’ service

A little bit of history

When Domaine La Yole opened his doors for the first time, the campsite was a bit smaller… At that time there were no mobile homes but only tents and caravans fluttered a bit all over the campsite.

Then over time the campsite expanded with the first mobile homes and the first swimming pool. At this time Domaine La Yole was already a pioneer in the aquatic field.

In the 80s the family even had the idea to build little houses which have been renovated a few times since!

In 2009, Domaine la Yole  launches its new positioning: Domaine La Yole Wine Resort. The opening of the Adventure Park and the Discovery Farm gave the Domaine a different dimension.

And also in 2009, if you counted well, the Domaine La Yole celebrated its 40th anniversary. Those who had the chance to assist, will probably remember… the fantastic concert by Murray Head.

2011: The campsite gets the famous 5th star, confirmed in 2017…

A family story

But the campsite La Yole is above all a story right from the heart!

Its creator Jean Gassier put all his heart and his energy into the development of the Domaine La Yole, then his children took over the business… and they continued to develop their father’s campsite. Always with the same goal: serve the campers’ families who trust us, the best way possible.

The Domaine La Yole is also a story right from the heart thanks to all our loyal guests. The most loyal among them will also celebrate his or hers 50th season!

So, THANKS TO EVERYBODY for showing your dedication every year over.

2019: This 50th summer will be a summer like no other.

We prepare you beautiful surprises all along the summer and many gifts are waiting for our guests.

The Domaine wishes obviously to celebrate this 50th season with the thousands of holidaymakers staying at the campsite each summer. The entire team of La Yole guarantees a season like no other. Different arrangements will be made and this is what will make the difference!

While you have the opportunity to relax in the heated water park, enjoy a new range of accommodations, taste our local products, discover the wines of the domain, find a trail that suits your level at the Adventure Park and see the animals at the Farm, you will experience an exceptional season.


Book now the holiday at Domaine La Yole where you have been dreaming of, you won’t be disappointed!


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