The beach preserved from tourism

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This is World Tourism Day, an opportunity to realize the importance of this sector of activity, and its potential evolutions.

A bit of history

Created in 1946, the ancestor of the World Tourism Organization is then called the International Union of Official Tourist Publicity Organizations (IUOTPO). This organization works to implement recommendations and simplified procedures to develop world tourism. IUOTPO is working with the UN to create new formalities and organizations dedicated to tourism in order to facilitate, for example, maritime traffic.

On 27 September 1970, the IUOTPO adopted its new statutes and became the UNWTO: the World Tourism Organization. In 1980, World Tourism Day was created to celebrate this key date. Since then, official celebrations have been held every year in an UNWTO member country.

World Tourism Day 2018

This year, for the 38th World Tourism Day, UNWTO will be present in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, to highlight the challenges related to tourism. The theme of World Day 2018 is innovation and digital transformation: how to put new technologies at the service of sustainable tourism?

In addition to the official celebration in Budapest, the World Tourism Organization invites everyone to honour this day with tourist events or operations.

Thus, conferences, guided tours and ceremonies are organized all over the world to celebrate World Tourism Day.

Concrete efforts for better tourism

At Camping La Yole, we are also concerned by the subject, and are implementing various tools to participate in our own way in sustainable tourism. For example, you may have noticed the absence of printed animation programs. We did better: an application! That way, you can find the weekly schedule, updated as soon as a change is necessary, and receive notifications to inform you of activities or any important changes. We are trying to digitize information as much as possible, through this application, our site and social networks.

In addition, we reuse the filtered water from the swimming pools for the campsite’s plants, and the activities offered to the children use recycling equipment. Every action counts, towards better tourism!

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