Autumn in France

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Autumn marks the arrival of the mid-season, between summer and winter with soft temperatures, not too high, not too low. But it is also the wine harvest time and the return of dishes a little bit more generous than a salad, and hot drinks.

What does autumn mean to you?

We do not know for you but we love autumn! Of course it also means concentration because as soon as the tourist season is over we have to prepare the next one and many of us are back to work. But coming to the office at this period has a calming effect. Light is different, leaves turn red and giving the landscape slowly appearing new sparkling colors.

Autumn is a good season for forest walks or by the sea, to admire the nature’s change and to enjoy the calm after summer.

We are also reunited with our pullovers and blankets. Admit it: even if we love our summer clothes it is not so unpleasant to wrap up when days are a bit fresh.

And if it rains who does refuse a cocooning moment in the sofa with a tea or a hot chocolate happy to be safe while the elements rage outside?

The sound of raindrops mixed with the scent of a hot drink, it is sure autumn is here!


The beginning of the food festivities….


This is a good thing because this weekend it is the gastronomy festival. From the 21/09 to the 23/09 all over France you can enjoy 3 days to discover flavors and the know how of our country. Contest, thematic walks, diners, brunches are organized to make you participate to the French gastronomy and its backstage.

International friends this festival is also for you because this year the name changes and becomes “Goût de France”. You have it? “Good France” in English to make this event an international one at least in Europe.

So even if you are not in France now nothing prevents you to participate from home by preparing a French dish or by going to a French restaurant ! “Bon appétit!”


Without forgetting wine

Who says French gastronomy says wine. More than enjoying finely prepared dishes it is important to eat them with a good wine suitable for the dish.

You have to know that wine harvest have begun in the wineyards to collect grapes and make wine (not grapes for table). Each year, earlier than the previous one because of the changing climate, wine harvest represent a big work and a lot of seasonal workers are employed to make the collect. Then there will be a fruit processing that will appear in the bottles on your table.

In the Domaine La Yole wine harvest have also started for new productions of Hédéia wine 1771 and all the others: you know them!


Autumn has a strong link with gastronomy and wine that may empathize our attraction for this season!
In any case do not forget summer either which allows you to go on holidays and eat just as well as in autumn.


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