The cure for post-vacation depression!

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Your vacation at Domaine La Yole was so extraordinary that you have trouble getting down to earth?
We understand you, and to help you here are some tips to not let depression win you over!

Sort your vacation photos

You had decided to postpone the sorting of your summer pictures so as not to add work when you returned? Think again! Revisiting these moments of joy will do you the greatest good by returning you to the state of mind in which you were during your holidays. For the first time, tidying up will bring you serenity and well-being!

It can also be the occasion to create albums memories, frames and other decorative objects with your photos or shells collected on the beach of your vacation… Ideal so that the summer never really ends!

Keep up the pace of the vacation!

Who said vacation activities had to end in the fall? If you are nostalgic for your visits and your culinary discoveries, continue on this path! You want to learn more about a culture, a country? Go to exhibitions or museums! There’s plenty to do around your house, as if you were in a foreign place! It is the occasion to (re)discover your region, by visiting the historical centre or dining in this restaurant on the corner of the street that you have never tested…

Returning from vacation does not always mean returning to your daily routine: nothing prevents you from going on a weekend hike near your home, or going for a picnic at the sea or in the countryside to get away from the daily stress again!

Plan your next vacation

We have all already expressed our desire to go on vacation as soon as we get back… And why wouldn’t you? This is probably the cure to your low-spirits: plan your next getaway! Even if you have to wait for a while, whether it’s for a day, a weekend or another week or more, the simple fact of taking some time off will get you back on your feet and your motivation will skyrocket!

It’s also the best way to get great rates, especially for transportation, when you know where you want to spend your next vacation.

If next year, your wish is to stay at Camping La Yole, it will be granted since reservations for 2019 will open in the fall! And we warn you, there will be plenty more to discover next summer! Make winter go faster!

Do not return to work on a Monday for a better transition

If you are lucky enough to be able to arrange your working days and choose your return date, here is a tip for you!

To avoid being overwhelmed by professional emails when returning to the office and to ensure a smooth return, why not go back to work in the middle or at the end of the week? We often follow the classic pattern to return to the office on Monday, but returning to work on a Thursday or Friday would allow you to ensure a better transition back to the work rhythm! With the weekend as a break, your return to the office will go better and you will avoid getting in low-spirits all week after the vacation end. Moreover, it will reduce fatigue and you will have the time of the weekend to continue resting before really resuming the rhythm.

Keep a link with your vacation destination

Wouldn’t you like to hear from the place where you stayed? Some establishments, tourist offices and cities continue to be active on the web in winter, which creates a feeling of proximity and keeps you informed of the latest news!

This is the case of Camping La Yole! We do not forget you and will continue, even after closing, to regularly publish content just for you! News on the site, publications on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Youtube and Pinterest), newsletters… It will be as if you never left the campsite!

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