The weekly Gazette of Camping La Yole

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What’s new au Camping ?

For an overview of the activities and atmosphere at the campsite, do not hesitate to visit our Youtube channel and our Pinterest  profile! We regularly post content there to share with you the best moments of this season!
You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where we are happy to discover your pictures under the #ilovelayole 😉




Th∈ animatiOns of th∈ w∈∈k

An overview of the activities that await you at the campsite!
On Tuesday July 31st, don’t miss the Tahitian show that we have in store for you 😉
On Friday August 3rd, La Yole goes Wild day on the Hawaii theme! Get out your best flowers!
Find all the activities on the Tipiz application, with the “YOLE” key.







For longtime regulars, we no longer present Géraldine who illuminates her clients’ day! After various sales experiences, she did us the honour of returning this season, smiling more than ever! And since we know you like the products she offers just as much, here’s a little taste of the delights you can enjoy at the campsite bakery! First of all, know that 3 products are made from flour and organic ingredients: the Organic Ball, the Alouettes Tourtine of 250g and the Alouettes Pie of 2kg!  Wondering why the Alouette? Here is a committed answer from our baker: “A little wink at the passage towards the larks which, numerous, populated our countryside and which are today threatened and in danger of disappearing, because of the change in agricultural practices and the rise in power of pesticides… If they had eaten the seeds resulting from organic farming that we use in our recipe, they would still be numerous today! ». You’ll also find the essential olive cobbles, vegetable fougasses and 3 new cakes that will delight your taste buds, with lemon, raspberry and violet and the Calina Cake! Finally, let yourself be tempted by the biscuits in the “Trésors d’Occitanie” range, for sure, you will never have been so motivated to get up in the morning!




The good plan of the week

Every Wednesday night: girls’ night at the spa! During the Football World Cup, many of you went to the spa while your darling was watching the game, so much so that the offer is renewed for the whole season! Every Wednesday evening, book your relaxing time with the girls: 20 minutes Jacuzzi + 10 minutes massage (head, face or feet), all for 20€!





An advice for your holidays

Heat wave: the right actions to adopt! You will notice that these last few days have been particularly hot, and although the area is famous for these temperatures, some precautions are to be taken if you want to enjoy your vacation! These simple tips will help you avoid any discomfort or heat stroke: do not expose yourself to the sun between 12pm and 4pm, and wear a hat! Limit all physical exertion and especially drink. Dehydration occurs quickly, so it is important to drink as much water as possible. If you or someone close to you feels headaches, dizziness, unusual tiredness or if you have cramps or fever, do not hesitate to call a doctor or a hospital.


Nearby Agenda des festivals by Camping La Yole

From July 21 to August 7, the Fiest’A Sète world music festival is in full swing in the city of Georges Brassens. In addition to bringing exotic and delightfully warm sounds, the program takes place at the Théâtre de la Mer, a place full of history and ideal to escape to new horizons…



It happened this week…

We can’t stop you now ! The Yole goes wild has once again delighted young and old, especially with the famous foam party! This time on the theme Full Moon, you made us see all the colors, and we love it! We were also able to see your talents as dancers during the disco Full Moon, as evidenced by this video of the early evening!

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