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What’s new au Camping ?

HQ: Kezako? Was it hard for you to convince your teenager to go on vacation? This should help him to renew…all new, all beautiful the HQ is THE place reserved for teenagers. And this week youth is in the spotlight with its world day on Monday 26 !




Th∈ animatiOns of th∈ w∈∈k

The season is well launched, this week the Camping La Yole offers you 2 cabaret shows, a concert of U 2 (Tribute), a Gym show worthy of the biggest world circuses… and of course the day La Yole Goes Wild ! As we announced on July 5th, this year La Yole is organizing fun themed days! Wednesday July 25 do not miss the day Wednesday Special Day FLUO! Prepare your most colorful clothes, finally the most fluorescent! Full Moon!!!

A special day awaits you in your campsite!
Make-up, tee shirt, headband, laces, hat, bracelets, everything fluorescent is out that day!
Don’t forget to meet us at the foam party from noon to noon to launch the atmosphere of this day!

The Apérol will be in the spotlight this evening!







The Ice Cream Counter: a real sanctuary for the gourmet!

Ice cream at any time and in any form! Italian-style, in jars or cones, relish the artisanal ice creams and their bewitching perfumes. Glacier craftsman since 1916, Antolin, the main supplier of the glacier, is one of the oldest active glacier craftsmen in France. With multiple labels such as “quality artisanal ice creams”, the Antolin Company only works with noble products, without adding palm oil, copra oil or coconut oil.

“Most sorbets are processed with more than 50% fruit. The recipes are developed to favour a product without flavours and colourings. Wishing to encourage exchanges with local suppliers, the Maison Antolin has decided to incorporate “Lait tracé des Pyrénées – Région Occitanie” in its ice creams. » The ice cream counter team also offers homemade waffles or pancakes, cotton candy…. Then really, it is high time to succumb to temptation!

Enjoy the snack break: a special package is proposed to you!





The good plan of the week

Tuesday noon: “sardinade” at the Farm! For only 15€, unlimited fries and sardine dish!





An advice for your holidays

A fit summer !

Take advantage of this holiday to renew contact with sport!
Cardio side : It is important for your health to properly oxygenate your body. The increase in heart rate allows the body to oxygenate, improve blood circulation and increase breathing capacity.

Try running.
Nothing better as a good run to relax, running releases endorphins and adrenaline, which promotes a feeling of well-being for several hours.Running, would also rejuvenate…according to a Copenhagen City Heart study. And the icing on the cake, running, is one of the sports that consumes the most calories! So, to your sneakers! Our advice: get good running shoes and you ladies a good bra.

Start quietly.



Nearby Agenda des festivals by Camping La Yole

Tuesday 24 July the international singer Imany will be in Agde, for a free concert,  on the floating stage !



It happened this week…

1 amazing semi-final against our Belgian friends and above all a world champion title lived on the terrace at camping la Yole ! Moments of joy and conviviality in your campsite, again THANK YOU BLUE!

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