The weekly Gazette of Camping La Yole

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What’s new au Camping ?

The World Cup is in full swing and camping is not to be outdone! The atmosphere rises as the teams go through the stages! This Friday we will have the chance to follow France’s games against Uruguay and Belgium’s games against Brazil on a giant screen. And especially for our Belgian friends: let yourself be carried away by this hymn !




Th∈ animatiOns of th∈ w∈∈k

An overview of the activities at the campsite!
La Yole Farm offers you a different concert every Friday! Tonight, meet David Tobena!
Another flagship concert this time at the campsite: Fabulous Sheeps  ! Rock band from Béziers and usually at festivals, Fabulous Sheeps does us the honor of performing at camping La Yole !
Find all the activities on the Tipiz app, with the “YOLE” key.






The Parasol & Bikini shop is in the spotlight for this Gazette #2 ! Adopt a unicorn, a flamingo or a swan! Also find all the classic inflatables: crocodile, buoy, scooter… Bring a touch of originality to your swims! Rather fond of news and stories? Here you will find a wide choice of magazines, newspapers and paperbacks to accompany your holiday! If you forgot something: beach towel, sardines for your tent, petanque balls or sun products, don’t panic, Parasol & Bikini will take care of everything! The articles proposed in store will make necessarily your happiness, and that of your children! We are whispered that there are even shower gels, creams, toothbrushes for the heads in the air… And of course, for small attentions, souvenirs and postcards are also part !




The good plan of the week

Did you know that?

The Comptoir des Glaces proposes you each day a formula snack at 5€, from 15h to 18h ! Pancakes, ice creams, graniza: the choice is big to fill the small hollow after swimming!





An advice for your holidays

July is finally here! Holidays, idleness and swimming will be your leitmotiv! Attention however: the UV are strong in the area, do not forget the sun cream nor the hat and avoid any exposure before 16h ! Your skin will thank you with a nice tan, not a vanilla/strawberry contrast 😉



 Nearby Agenda des festivals by Camping La Yole

Who doesn’t love having a little reading to relax and escape even more during the holidays? Discover the 10th edition of Des livres à la plage in Valras-Plage ! Free books to consult on the spot for all tastes and all ages! We love it!



 It happened this week…

We were talking to you some time ago about a surprise at the campsite… The season of days La Yole goes wild is launched! Next theme: the French national holiday on July 14! In the meantime, back to yesterday’s fluo day, which started with a mousse party appreciated by all! Snow and bubbles in the middle of summer, surprising! Did you find your children under all that foam? We hope so, since a special workshop was waiting for them in the afternoon! For the adults who were not forgotten, a cocktail party then a fluorescent evening revealed the dancer who slept in you… As well as the most committed in fluorescent colors…


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