Spa and hairdresser at Camping La Yole

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Not so long ago the campsite was considered as a holiday mode where everyone had to bring their own equipments to feed themselves and to sleep and had just to pitch their tent when they arrived in the allocated ground. This time is over! Most of the campsites offer now many facilities and the Domaine de la Yole is part of that list. For the 2018 season we have decided to develop our wellness center into a real spa with sauna and hot tub and to improve the quality of your stay.

Why to choose a campsite with a spa?

Since few years treatments, massages, sauna and hot tub sessions have spread and became an activity more and more frequently practiced by a lot of people. Although these sessions are often organized in winter during treatments but it is possible to take few hours of relaxation during summer! A stay in a campsite with a hot tub and a sauna is the perfect mix between luxury and outdoor accommodation. On sunny days you probably do not want to be locked in a thalasso center. Then the camping is the ideal solution to enjoy the spa only when you want and to spend the rest of the time outdoor. Then organize your stay as you see fit! Massages and body cares are for instance very appreciated by athletes after a physical exercise. As a novice relaxing after climbing the Pic Saint Loup is good for you and the feeling of accomplishment will only be greater.

The spa is also one of the favourite activity for couples. Who never dreamt of sharing a moment of  absolute relaxation with his/her partner ? To celebrate something or just to disconnect from the daily routine. Forget about work, worries and enjoy the moment in this bubble of well-being.

If you need to relieve rheumatism, if your joints hurt, combine useful with pleasant. Take a mental and physical break in an environment where you will not miss anything.

In general hot tub, sauna and massages are adapted for everybody. After a day at the beach or at the swimming pool at the campsite, take a few hours to remove the stress and pressures that you could have.

Who takes care of you at Camping La Yole?

It’s time for presentations! This year, we welcome two new recruits to pamper you during your holidays!
At the hairdressing, we find Celine, Master Hairdresser and combat sports enthusiast. Don’t panic though, in addition to styling in a relaxed, zen and calm environment, Celine is also a Reiki Master , a natural well-being practice. She also practices Qi Gong, soft gymnastics from traditional Chinese medicine. You have understood, with Celine, you will leave not only with a new cut, but with a feeling of well-being and serenity that will accompany you all day.

His advice for this summer: PRO-TECT your hair! Salt and the sun wreak havoc and on holiday, you don’t necessarily think about capillary damage. Multiply the care to maintain your hair and protect it from summer aggressions.
Now it’s time for Marie, who will guide you for massages and jacuzzi or sauna sessions.
Originally from Savoie and settled in the region for 9 years, Marie has her own Beauty Institute  in Villeneuve-Les-Béziers, where she receives directly at home by appointment, all year round. In addition to the massage, hair removal and nail removal services offered by Marie at her institute and at the campsite, you can also book permanent make-up (eyebrows, microblading, eye liner and lips).
Little anecdote: Marie is also passionate about painting …

His advice for this summer: Before you think about tanning, prepare your skin! By exfoliating before the season (and even in winter) and moisturizing it all year round, your tan will be sublimated and last longer!


Marie and Céline at the spa at Camping La Yole


For any information or reservation request: 06 21 79 98 72 (spa) and 06 11 32 24 31 (hairdressing)
Opening hours :
Spa: every day from 9h30 to 12h30 and from 15h to 19h.
Hairstyling: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 1pm and Wednesday and Friday from 1pm to 7pm.

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