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Pic-nic at the Domaine

Come spend an authentic day with your favourite winemaker on 3 June 2017.

For Whit Monday, the network, Les Vignerons Indépendants, is inviting wine and nature lovers to be part of the largest pic-nic spot in Europe.

Domaine La Yole will be welcoming you at its wine cellar for a day of friendly encounters.

On the agenda: Music entertainment, family-friendly wine estate visit, tasting session, farm visit : Our goal on that day is to show you our wine estate from a different perspective.

It will be possible (upon reservation) to enjoy a barbecue grill for lunch.

Unless you actually prefer taking your own picnic along with you ?

Domaine La Yole will be offering wine, and putting a barbecue at your disposal.

For those interested, the farm restaurant shall also be open.


Starts at 10.30 am (wine estate visit)

12 euros/ meal all inclusive and 6 euros for children under the age of 7. Or bring your own lunch pic-nic along!

Domaine La Yole is more than a wine estate : a wine resort with a campsite, an adventure park and a farm ! There is always something to celebrate au Domaine La Yole Wine Resort.

Why not take advantage of this event to treat yourselves to a weekend at the campsite?

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